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The flight of time, &hellip … I Time flies like a shuttle.; by a naive and meddlesome “ naughty ” gradually become an excellent in character and learning of students. Walking in the road of life is a road, you are — — my parents taught me how to face the difficulties and success; how to make a person; and how to understand some of the true meaning of life in the … … in the thorns of life on the road, you “ Fu ” hard journey I walked this one after another; when I fail, you said to me “ failure is the mother of success ” let me in the failure to stand up, let me back into the light in the face of adversity; when I was successful, you say &ldquo to me with an open mind; make people progress, proud people behind ” let me not be a success become dizzy with success. In my study, I grew up to … … Three6Five days, day and night you were struggling at all costs for my success with a new carpet for my future devoted more effort to … … fifteen years, my mother every day for you I worked hard. Remember, once you brought oneNobby Women Electra BrownBasket strawberry, immediately, I thisFitflop Luna BlackSmall tooth worm has to drool with envy, you see my thoughts, said to me: “ you eat it! ” and I pretended to be gentle and said, “&ldquo, mom, why don’t you eat?”! ” and you say, ““ Mommy doesn’t like to eat.”. &rdquo. In fact, I know better than anyone else. You like fruit best. I can’t help taking &hel because of naughty personalityAllwaysairco.nlLip; … Tu, when yongquan. On the road of life, I must live up to your hope, Study hard, make a useful person to the motherland, in the &hellip &hellip talent shows itself in numerous living beings;; this link: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three86716Four71FiveFour6.htm page 1 more wonderfulTwoThreeFourFivenext pageKindness

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My mom and Dad
My mother is forty years old this year, from a small rural birth. Mother has no city like white face, no rich people like noble temperament, and no rich people have free time to go shopping. All she has is brilliantFitFlop PAS CherSmiles, industrious hands, and menopausal chatter. And my father is the breadwinner of the family, has a remarkable Kitchen Craft, but Dad did not learn humility and with her in the house, did not adapt to the mother’s nagging. At home, I often hear mom and dad make a noise. For some time, my mother because of the job and on my daddy always feel very boring, so she said a sentence, then got into a fight. Sometimes my mom came home late at night because she was out of the house, and she didn’t call home and she got angry with her father. The second day, two couples ignore anyone who did not talk, one family in a dinner table, very quiet, we are not working or learning problems, each meal in the house, sometimes mom and dad finish after eating out. Such days always feel difficult, and sometimes even hate this family. Sister because of reading outside, do not often come back,Classic, Fitflop, Grey, Rokkit, Dignified, Two01Two, StyleSo a sister back, I will tell her parents quarrel, but elder sister told me to ignore them, don’t put this matter to rest assured, also said that this year is mother Ji menopause, will be very annoying verbose. And now, sometimes, when I come home from school and see my mother’s expression and behavior, I know that today they are out of sorts, and today they have to sit down and eat together, and have a hard time going through lifeFitFlop floretta sandalsOne of the most boring days in the world. However, parents quarrel second days will be reconciled, and long will be two or three days to speak. I’m used to this kind of life. Sometimes I wonder who’s done it wrong If mom doesn’t keep on nagging and daddy can be modest, the family will be peaceful. If one day my mother stopped nagging, what would the life of this family be like? Will it be more boring? Will there be no atmosphere? Will I start thinking about it again? When I think about it, I learn to adapt to life at that time again. My parents have taught me how to adapt to the complicated living environment,. How do you get along with your family and spend time in a noisy boring life?. Source: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three8689Two66Three0Three7.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageMy mom and Dad

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The law is in my mind
What is the law? One’s life is downFitflops, Lunetia, Sandals, Sale, BronzeBegin to be protected by law and enjoy the rights granted by law. The law is like a ship sailing in the sea. On board, any action is free. But beyond the bottom line of the ship, it will fall into the water; — — subject to legal sanctions. He is the kind of law, fairness and justice, to restore the reputation of the victims, we receive care and love; the law is strict, more than the scope of his business is not allowed, who condemned the socialist ethical behavior, he will be severely punished without mercy. Law is everywhere, but do not make it a burden to life, but use it as a standard of life to regulate and restrain your behavior. Lu family was poor, but he was a good boy. After he was in junior high school, he became infatuated with online games. When he was not rich, he had repeatedly stolen the money his mother had saved to study for him. My mother repeated his education, but he incorrigible. Mother’s heart was cold and she lost confidence in her son. All the money in the family was spent by him and went to the internet. Relatives and friends would not lend him money. So he began to rob. In the public report, the public security organs quickly arrested him. He was still playing games in the Internet bar. He was awakened by the cold handcuffs that handcuffed him. He was sentenced to 1Five years’ imprisonment because he was under 18 years of age. Will his bright future and beautiful youth is buried in the prison. “ a small evil does not necessarily develop ” and criminals in society are from &lFitFlop udsalgDquo; little evil ” began to step by step toward crime. It’s like a little white ants bite a hole in the hull is very humble, but if things go on like this ship would have sunk. Our youth prevention of crime should begin with the prevention of bad behavior. The cultivation of legal consciousness from childhood, form a good habit of learning, knowing, law-abiding, usage, law enforcement. Ruling the country by law. The law encourages us to do it actively. The law requires us to do it, and the law forbids us to do it. How we wish families, societies and schools to create a good legal environment for us! Source: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuoweFitFlop Mukluk tallN\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three8ThreeTwoTwoThree9FiveFive8Five.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageThe law is in my mind