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Hakka Spring Festival

In the Hakka Spring Festival will feel unusually lively, every family decorated the streets, Everything looks fresh and gay. everywhere is full of festive atmosphere. About 5:00 in the new year’s Eve every household will smell delicious taste, it is a prelude to the family reunion dinner to eat on the thirty. 5:30 a formal dinner, we eat at the tableFitFlops UK onlineTry to sit tight some, so warm. Thirty meal is the most striking, the baked salt acerba chicken, golden color, fragrant, crisp meat bone; the steamed duck, duck chewing effort, thought-provoking; and the sweet and sour fish, sprinkle some beans, in a layer of orange orange sauce on the golden color; Hakka stuffed peppers. Are Pickled Green Pepper, eggplant and tofu, bluish white three colors, very delicious, is everything, everyFitflop.comDishes are very appetizing. To the second morningFitFlop HerrenThe day just before dawn, in the village there was a shrill sound of firecrackers — — “ … &hellip, crackling crackling; ”, we heard from wearing red clothes and new shoes, the three step of two steps run over to watch, the scene is very lively! Then, they go home to eat breakfast early ritual, and then the whole family together to clean up. The second day of the new year, go out to visit relatives and friends, received a “ &rdquo, an auspicious red. Third, we called “ &rdquo, qionggui; if someone come home that day, the guest is called “ &rdquo qionggui, master a year Kyrgyzstan. At the beginning of four, you can go sightseeing. At the beginning of five, at the beginning of the year six we do not go out, the street is also a lot of deserted. The fifteen — — Lantern Festival, another climax comes, every household to enjoy lanterns, everyone in the street crowds, standing height looking down, as the ants are put on the red, in the street lantern riddles. In addition, we would also like to cook Glutinous Rice Balls, called Glutinous Rice Balls Glutinous Rice Balls, eating will have every kind of reunion, Glutinous Rice Balls, sesame bean paste stuffing, peanuts and mung bean magnetic stuffing, stuffing, Ling Lang everywhere, can let you eat. Hakka in the Spring Festival, you can feel a particularly lively atmosphere, the Hakka people are warm and hospitable, please Hakka Hakka passengers, especially in the spring festival. Hakka Spring Festival