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The scenery in my eyes
It is the last flower hidden spring flowers fall spring to a sweet smile, leaving only residual red everywhere. The garden of overlapping layers of withered petals. Amidst the confusion, the flowers dancing in a spring body has stopped, tired smile stranded in the petals of the mouth. Strands of rain gently over the flowers, leaves light hickey. Every piece of petals are frequented by a tranquil soul, contains silently treasured touched and sad. Every drop of rain across the petals are like flowers, to cherish spring and cemented tears Yingying flashing. “ the first floor canmeng five minutes, time spent the end of March rain. ” in the face of spring flowers fall, rain, the ancients sigh only worry about. I do not know the flower is not the end of the decline, but fromFitflop Boot Short Leather BrownPoint, after a brief dark, brilliant will continue. For the moment the Wu empty garden, we always used to disappointment and sigh next season. As we go through a period of gloomy days, always because of the failure of too much fear, they had given up on the persistent pursuit of the dream. Therefore, we are accustomed to the beautiful scenery freeze in yesterday, fixed in the infinite memories, but the endless sorrow in the heart, the feelings of melancholy linger stay today. But success is always in the hands of people who are positive and optimistic. Today is tomorrow’s history, plan tomorrow, tomorrow will be better than today! Spring residue, flower fall — — not the end, not the endHerren FitFlop, but the beginning, is the starting point, is a prelude to … … every day, the first quarter of every period of history we passed, contains its own beauty. So why are obsessed with the passing of the past, urgent hopeSale online FitFlopsDistant future? Did not find the spring flowers fall, amidst the slim; Pinglan view, in the sunshine after the rain? Don’t let the sadness and tears today, with the sun like smile, fan with the wings of hope toward the sky dream regardless of the weather, with the firm, the dedication. When is spring flowers fall. Casual summer we have been walking leisurely. I believe that we will be the most beautiful scenery in the city, full of sunshine, full of confidence and boundless energy. The scenery in my eyes

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The Adventures of Tintin book review

Not long ago, I read by Herge creation of “Tintin”, a book that tells the thrilling event Tintin and his friends, and to fight the bad guys.

Tintin is a reporter, his head with a pinch of cool yellow hair, but he is also not a reporter, he can sometimes solve the case, like a detective; sometimes endless courage, like adventurer.
He had a faithful dog 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; Milutinovic, those funny and his companions 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; love wine, such as life Captain Haddock, ultra-low detection rate and Dupang state detective village, ultra deaf ears
inventor Professor Xiang Rikui.

One of my favorite one is the “Destination Moon,” which tells of Tintin, Haddock, sunflower, Wolfe and strayed rockets DuPont, 杜庞 rode by Professor fitflops shoes sunflower moon rocket design
towards the mysterious moon, collect a lot of valuable data, and a wish to hijack foreign spy rocket launched a fight, did not expect to live turned out to be his accomplice golf!
However, relying on Tintin brave, finally beat them, and put them in the hold.
However, in the return to Earth of the road, spyware break the rope, holding a pistol to escape, did not expect to live Guelph and his wrestling up the fight, the gun went off, killing the spies.
However, the difficulty is far more than these, but Tintin a pedestrian overcome one by one, successfully returned to Earth.

“Tintin” Let me understand the difficulties encountered cloggs fitflops not bow, do not be discouraged, despite the difficulties, courageously gold fitflops row before, victory will come to you.