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The flight of time, &hellip … I Time flies like a shuttle.; by a naive and meddlesome “ naughty ” gradually become an excellent in character and learning of students. Walking in the road of life is a road, you are — — my parents taught me how to face the difficulties and success; how to make a person; and how to understand some of the true meaning of life in the … … in the thorns of life on the road, you “ Fu ” hard journey I walked this one after another; when I fail, you said to me “ failure is the mother of success ” let me in the failure to stand up, let me back into the light in the face of adversity; when I was successful, you say &ldquo to me with an open mind; make people progress, proud people behind ” let me not be a success become dizzy with success. In my study, I grew up to … … Three6Five days, day and night you were struggling at all costs for my success with a new carpet for my future devoted more effort to … … fifteen years, my mother every day for you I worked hard. Remember, once you brought oneNobby Women Electra BrownBasket strawberry, immediately, I thisFitflop Luna BlackSmall tooth worm has to drool with envy, you see my thoughts, said to me: “ you eat it! ” and I pretended to be gentle and said, “&ldquo, mom, why don’t you eat?”! ” and you say, ““ Mommy doesn’t like to eat.”. &rdquo. In fact, I know better than anyone else. You like fruit best. I can’t help taking &hel because of naughty personalityAllwaysairco.nlLip; … Tu, when yongquan. On the road of life, I must live up to your hope, Study hard, make a useful person to the motherland, in the &hellip &hellip talent shows itself in numerous living beings;; this link: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three86716Four71FiveFour6.htm page 1 more wonderfulTwoThreeFourFivenext pageKindness

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Faith is in my heart

A cloud, the sky is not integrity leisurely elegant; a boat, the sea is not lonely, but wandering; a diamond, it is bright carbon painful price, but also the pride of carbon.FitFlop shoes and bootsShang Yang reform in Qin Dynasty, once in the tower erected in front of a tree stick, poster reads: to stick to another tower carrying the former bounty fifty. Everyone sees that all big eyes, but no one moved to There were many discussions. And, to say it is not heavy stick is not long, but also thick cross section,Floretta FitFlopAn old farmer can lift it with one hand. At this time Shang Yang is urgent, the Annunciation on “ fifty ” replaced by “ five hundred, ” people talk big, they do not move, but not in court, blame the worldFitFlop skoToo dark. I came to “ ” a young and strong young man stepped out of the crowd, don’t ask what happened, said nothing, picked up a stick, on his shoulders, strode straight to another tower before the end, the boy got to work to get five hundred and twenty reward. Zeng Zi is honest. One day engzi’s wife took to the streets, as a child and mother to have his wife coaxed the child to say; “ I go back to you to eat pig. ” she went home, see Zeng Zi to the pig, grinding sound “ &rdquo file; rang, had his wife hurried to persuade “ I just coax children, said Zeng ” “ how can you lie? &rdquo: and he killed the pig. The XX has a word in the eight honors and Eight Disgraces: in warned people to be honest and trustworthy, with treachery. The gentleman says: “ The word once spoken can never be withdrawn, ”. Confucius, a great educator, said, “men cannot stand without faith.”. Credit is an intangible asset. Yes, honesty is gold, it is worth of gold, not buy is back. As Bert said, “&ldquo, the man who loses credit is already dead in the world.”. &rdquo: friend, be a loyal and honest man; be a man who is honest and honest and who keeps his word. Believe in your integrity, wish you success; … … integrity in my heart. Article source: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three81TwoFourFive0Four007Two.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageFaith is in my heart