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The first plane

First rideElegant Luna whiteDuring the summer vacation, my aunt took me to visit Beijing. At noon that day, my aunt told me this exciting good news: the second day she took me to the plane. I was so happy that I jumped three feet high. At night, how can I not sleep, thinking about what kind of plane, like a car? Must be faster than a car; like geese flying? Must fly higher than the … … second days in the morning, my aunt woke up from a dream, I quickly dressed, wash, and even rice also can not eat, and aunt rushed to the airport in Shantou. The weather is really good. The blue sky with a few white clouds, as if waving to us, the rising sun is smiling at me, a few birds on the tree seems to smile for us, singing a song for us to sing the song. At half past nine in the morning, we boarded a shining silverFitFlop ItaliaBig plane. Just sit, fasten the seat belt, the plane on the “ rumbling ” to ring up. I looked out of the window, I saw the wings of the aircraft on the “ big fan ” fast rotation, the aircraft is a little jitter, I was too excited to say a word. Starting from the plane, the tarmac slowly, to the spacious road. I think this is almost the same as the car, a sigh of relief. Not long after “ rumbling ” the sound is louder, the jitter is even worse. I went to theRokkit Supernavy外一看,吃了一惊:窗外的树木和房屋,飞快的向后倒去,而且越来越快,慢慢的就看不见地面上的景物。我们飞上了蓝天。天更亮了,朵朵白云擦身而过,我正想伸手采一朵。朝下一看,呀,一切都变了样:汕头像是积木搭成的,公路像一条带子,连韩江也像条明亮的彩带,飘舞在大地上。祖国大地上。祖国大地变成一幅壮丽动人的图画……两个小时后,飞机安全的着陆了,我眼中的一切景物又恢复了原形。我恋恋不舍地望着天空,寻找刚才走过的那条“路”和“路”过的几朵白云。 First ride机