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The experience of summer camp

Camp experience this summer camp not as usual experience out, but in the vicinity of the school experience. The morning of July 20th, is the first day of summer camp, this is a day of school class cadre training. I heard what the teacher said, feeling is quite deep, this is also thought to do in the first day when the vice monitor, doCHA CHA Blue FitflopNot good at all. Ever also had a very embarrassing thing: it was just opening soon, I still do not adapt to the environment of junior high school, so did not bother the teacher arranged in a few days before the start of training tasks. Unexpectedly, the teacher let the monitor at the class meeting said the first school plan, because I didn’t say, made the teacher very angry, so in the school a few days before the teacher gave a bad impression. After this matter, I slowly realized as the monitor duty. From what teacher’s speech I realized these points: 1, should have a good idea and a good quality. 2, to respect teachers, care about students. 3, consciously self-restraint. 4, to read Daquan, general knowledge. 5, to obey the arrangements. 6, self-confidence, self-esteem. 7, as the monitor should have action ability, planning ability, organization ability, judgment ability, learning ability. 8, Qin pen, often with the brain. 9, lead by example. 10, actively carry out a good topic. 11, adjust good teacher-student relationship. On the second day, half of us were in school for sanitation while the other half were cleaning in the neighborhood. I was assigned to school, many people are actively doing their assigned tasks, I also do as much as they do. After more than an hour of effort, we feel that the school new look. I also understand a truth: as long as efforts, nothing will not achieve. At the end of the summer camp, what each class class monitor should do. Some classes said very well, just like the first (11) classes Chen Yu classmates, she to speak up is not a bit nervous, but as a leader, calmly face the following students quietly speech. She was amazed many people, I also think that she is worthy of a monitor. In the process of listening, I also feel a lot, also made me understand as a squad leader to have a sense of responsibility, especially the deputy squad leader to help monitor work, so as to create a good class collective.FitFlops sale kidsThe experience of summer camp

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A tear wakes me up
In the dim street, I saw a tired mother looking around. So for a long time, the merciless blow to her a few pieces of yellow leaves falling down, the mother did not see the familiar shadow, had dragged herself away in the street. Yes, that mother is my mother. She is looking for her daughter who is away from home. I was a cute little girl. But the primary school grade six because there is no focus on the listing of key secondary schools. When I despair, poguanziposhuai. The devil put bad ideas into my mind, and pulled me into the abyss. My heart is thinking: I study hard and how, ultimately, nothing, not as good as a good treat their own. So all I muddle along, to music for a living, a waste of time. At that time I did not have the conscience of the devil. I ignored my father and mother’s advice, and have fun. Indistinct, seems to have a devil in gnaw my conscience. At first, I was indifferent to the teachings of mom and dad. Will change every promise, just make the surface of time before my parents, is not visible in the back. Mom and dad have gradually become downhearted. Day by day in the past, fatherSales FitFlopFor my mother a lot of old. One day, my father went out, my mother was sick at home. My mother said that would like to eat noodles. So I gave my mother a bowl of noodles, to my mother’s bed. Mother put the noodles in the palm of the hand, silent for a long time. “ daughter, you don’t have to cook for a long time! Usually sit together for dinner, dad and you can not say a few words on the quarrel more precious ah ~ ~ a bowl of noodles! ” and she said, her eyes were red, and a tear came out of her eyes. Somehow, I saw my mother so torn with grief. Yeah, I haven’t had a good time with mom and dad.FitFlopsMeal, I haven’t talked to mom and dad for a long time. Mother seems to be a lot of old ah, this year more than I have done something ah! For a moment, I seem to wake up ~ ~ ~ now I study hard, not bad children. On that day, is the mother that tears me from the abyss pulled up, is the mother that tears lost me back to mom and dad. A tear wakes me up

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Happiness is to stayBoot sale FitFlopTo tomorrow

In the morning, with the sound of a clock Ding Ling whisper, flooded dim you slowly get up, quietly opened the window clean, comfortable and outstretched, a breath of fresh air, looking at the hazy sky, smile that is easy to say: “ today will be a wonderful day. ” you are carrying a heavy red bag, hopped into the campus, the moment when you stepped into the door of the classroom, you fell. Your face is set the whole room roaring with laughter. Unexpectedly, you did not cry, but the strong support of the injured leg. For a long time, you are accompanied by the pain and resolutely say: “ tomorrow I will not. ” the teacher scolded you for being late for school, although it was because of the traffic jam on the road, but you did not explain. Patiently listening to the teacher’s instructions, in your review, you said: “ tomorrow I will not. ” today, there appeared some dazzling red fork, your homework yet you showed no traces of heart, but with confidence in the teacher’s explanation, you finally revealed a lovely smile and said: “ tomorrow I won’t go wrong. ” in the evening, you and friends together to discuss the idol, looked at the time of existence, when you wake up, have no car home, you have to run home. Breathless you gently open the door, a pair of cold eyes make you scared. Your mother is ready for Zhang Yongzhang’s different mouth. You consciousness: “ tomorrow I will not. ” today, you will not think of so perfect, but you put today’s perfect in tomorrow. You have been working hard to perfect tomorrow. youLuna Pewter Fitflop快乐,你纯洁,你天真。 不知道在多少个明天的那一天,你没有那可笑的一摔,没有人会对你说“迟到”俩字,你作业的准确率已是百分之百,你更不会讨论明星梦了,明天让你成功了,明天让你尝到了幸福的滋味。 明天对谁都是一个迷。忘掉今天的不愉快,去过充满希望的明天。留给明天。你心中就会得到一弘清泉的滋润,而这份滋润会让你保持着对生活的热情,热爱和挚爱。 Happiness is to stay给明天

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Color season

We embrace each other in the color of the season, even if one day the seasons change, all the colors are not seen, we still look forward to, the beauty will not be far away, maybe tomorrow will be the spring. I: blue sky, green street, we walk together in spring. I slowly opened his arms, gently embrace the April wind. I slowly close my eyes and feel the gentle curl of the sun in April. Stretch my caress willow, I looked down to smell the flowers xinxiang. I walked in the spring of spring soothing, walking. Purple wind, silver beach, stroll along the beach in the summer. The quiet summer breeze, the memory of the wind chimes, bursts of sound, smart music in an instant with Qingzou. The breeze was fine long hair, black hair flying in the wind, the hand holding just drop leaves, faint fragrance, is rich, have a clean, it is perhaps the taste of summer. Red maple leaf, golden wheat field, and the harvest of autumn. The autumn rain Phoenix, pointSandals sale online FitFlopLittle drops, eye to the building at dusk; Ying Jiang Hui empty soul, moonlight, water flooding days. Light yellow leaves floating head spin smart it petite body, with gold wind side curl, andNew Fitflop Frou Flower Sandal Amazing VioletSpring at the foot of the Gao Ting melody flow slowly down, like nine days outside the circle to xianle generally ran in front. White snow, romantic night, we embrace each other in the color of the season. At this time I was snow slapping my face, his warm palm, make Peng velvet snowflakes, and I want it close, but not the number of snow in the end there are a few clear edges, it went to, in my palm in a pool of water stains. I regret, it seems that the snow is cold, but the temperature is not the edge. The snow was silent on the roof floor, Yushu Qionghua quietly in full branches, even on the road that has been messy shoe just Piaoqi snow covered. Everything is so quiet, the snow is quietly decorated with the earth. Green Street Blue we walk together the spring wind Purple Silver Beach stroll in the summer beach red maple leaf golden wheat fields to harvest autumn snow white romantic night we embrace in every color of the season even if one dayBoots TimberlandSeasonal changes in all the colors are not seen we still look to the beautiful will not be far away may be the spring of tomorrow, the color of the season

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Sometimes, I really don’t understand this world. … … it is love, but have no hard; it is not to give up, but &helliWelcome to visit our Fiorella not to regard it as right Fitflop online store, there are various styles and colors of Zappos FitFlop sale with great discount Enjoy More Coupon p; … why! To live so tired, so hypocritical? Not long ago, I sent a friend of mine for many years. At that moment, my heart completely broken … … every time, I was hurt or encountered something sad, I will talk to her. She would look with pity soothe my wounded heart. No matter how sad, just to share with her, all this will become surprisingly good! Do not know from what time to start, I slowly formed a kind of dependence on her. It seems that this world, I can only see her existence. I remember once, I dragged exhausted body to return home, my parents asked me to enter the door of the examination results. I say, the result is a burst of sound2014 Xosa Brown FitFlopSigh, and ruthless rebuke. I was cold to the feet, no more strength. Lonely and cold night, I hide in the quilt, a bitter cold wind into my heart. At this time, she quietly went to the bed, while the small head to my beiwolizuan, gently moaning. It is afraid of me even more sad, her voice is so thin and soft, but has a strong shock to comfort me. I put her in my arms, night at the moment is the most warm, let me feel the warmth and excitement of hitherto unknown. At this time, though the sunPietra black FitFlopBeautiful spring, but it makes me feel less than a trace of temperature. She is gone, forever gone, without her, the whole world becomes dark and deep, as if I have been in purgatory, never see the sun. Walk in the spring rain on the land, I suddenly. Why don’t you take off your mask and be a true self. Although the mask was originally brought to be afraid of being hurt, but now it seems that it seems more painful, not to understand the world, all is lonely! Thank you to accompany me so long, may never meet as sincere, like a friend you can rely on, but I will be happy every day, I think this is what you want to see the outcome! Farewell

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Lonely open without the Lord

“ &ldquo station outside the station outside the bridge; the bridge side, a lonely orphan. ” Lu You Arias lonely. He regrets his message & ldquo; Spring & rdquo; information was mistakenly Mens FitFlop solution offering pet for Zheng – Chun; similarly, he also sighs with emotion his anti Zionist claims no response. Leave off the ice dream to lament. TheirLulu FitFlopsLonely, because no bole, rare bosom friends. Similarly, when hometown drifting further and further away, accompanied by wandering wandering outside, but the & ldquo; withered vine trees faint crow & rdquo; long trail, heartbroken sound resounded through the world and the west wind chills. At the moment, nostalgia and sorrow and condensed the lonely and melancholy sunset horse Zhiyuan back. It is a lonely, ambitious ambition collapses and realized that evening. Even though much thought, is also disconsolate. At this moment, when all the things have gone, there will always be a place for the future. However, remember the phrase & ldquo; since then, no love good night, moon under Lau & rdquo; before the death of Li Yi listens to Huo Xiaoyu refuse, issued a such a sigh. Over the years, even if there is a beauty, but also a bear. The original loneliness is a state of mind. Once the lonely and lonely confused, until now only really understand: a person, perhaps alone, but not lonely. Many people, will not be lonely, but may be lonely. & mdash; crying in the wilderness, not catch echo; & mdash; in a chilly winter night difficult to sleep; & mdash; animals and stiff in the fingers, it is difficult to toggle bit strings. & ldquo; lonely & rdquo; climb on the brow. When the expansion, blend, then, & ldquo; lonely & rdquo; filling Chest & ldquo; only under the brow, but the heart & rdquo;. “ lonely ” a close-up of — — “ petals were independent, micro forever. ” &rdquo for “ lonely; a sigh “ the moon was in, clouds have been classified according to. ”Ankle boots FitFlopLonely open without the Lord

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Mom and IDesigned Fitflop Pietra Bright Classic New RedAnd I mother Nanjing Dongshan foreign language school second & lt; 9> Fitflop Chada apricot class Xu teachers Gu Xianfang my mother and I have been living together for 16 years the, of course, between me and my mom happened many many things, my memory the deepest is the one thing. When I was in grade four in elementary school, I became fascinated with chess, and asked my mother to buy me a box of Chinese chess and a book on chess. I took the chess and the book, and I was so happy that I got a baby. After dinner, I took the book carefully look, not for a while, I learned how to play the game of chess and each piece of the law. But how can a person under it? I thought of my mother, although mom won’t play chess, but to me, she readily promised, and immediately with an open mind to my learning. Second days early in the morning, I willFitFlop AmazonAsked the mother would like to play chess with me, my mother agreed to the. The beginning of the game, I proudly set pieces, chess set, I let my mother first out chess. Because the mother does me good, after a few minutes, her pawn, horses and guns were I killed a naked, and I just lost the two soldiers a gun on a horse. And after a few minutes, my mother will finally be my car to eat. Mom’s lost, I think I’m really smart. After a few games, each time I beat the mother, which also makes me a little proud of it. Mother Shu Qi after, every day is a leisure time, he took a chess book and see, and I put this thing on the side, not to read the books the, busy all day playing games. After a month, I and mother play chess, my mother a lot of progress, and I could not stop before, the first game over, I and my mother into a stalemate. The last three games took me by surprise: I only won one, but my mom won two games. I really sit up and take notice to mother felt a bit ashamed, even beyond my mother so much. I quickly picked up the chess book again dedicated to look at it, and then not proud of. From small to large, my mother taught me knowledge and the truth of life. Mother said, with her daughter, she learned a lot of things, she is growing up with her daughter. In the mother’s care, my results have been good, and her mother in the painting has also been a lot of progress, we have found the past never had the pleasure of life. Mom and I

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In the Rain

Beautiful misty rain, from the high sky flagged, like little stars falling on the earth, holy and beautiful, she washed earth moistens everything her unconditional. She gently brushed in all things, like a mother’s love is gentle. Hours I am headstrong, one morning, my mother told me it’s going to rain today, but I think Fitflop Uitverkoop online with big sale trouble, did not take an umbrella, mother said: & ldquo; today I have no time to meet you.Trainers FitFlopsBe careful, rain soaked through home. ” I went to school the school opened the door. After school, I hold stretch out of the classroom, the sky is dusky, air sparse under a drizzle, I silently say: rain, do not, under the rain, do not. I harbored a lucky heart ran to the school gate, but God seems to be very not into my wish, it was raining harder and harder, eyes is full of hazy. Students are being picked up by their parents, leaving only my lonely standing under the eaves of the school gate. Far2014 Rokkit Royalblue FitflopI saw a figure coming up here, mom, right? She walks closer and closer, I open my eyes to see, not a mother, a sense of loss in my heart. Suddenly, I remembered my mother said this morning: “ today I have no time to meet you, rain soaked through home care. ” mom, you really won’t come to pick me up? The day was dark, only the light in the classroom is a lamp lights off, I looked at the clock ticking seconds walk. Just as I was about to be disappointed to go back, I saw the familiar figure, near the! Near! “ mother! ” I cried and ran to the past. My mother saw me, her nervous expression relaxed, and she walked up to me and handed me an umbrella. I found my mother’s clothes are wet half, like water. Originally, mother would have forgotten me in the morning mess with her angry things, look at me in the evening in peacetime should go home of time did not come, very worried, hurried to find me. My mother’s love is like a drizzle, the selfless moisture I do not ask for return. Love is like the misty, holy, beautiful rain soft, selfless, the all their dedication out, ask for nothing in return, love in the rain, love in our hearts, love is everywhere, let us cherish this selfless love. In the Rain

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Peer with frustration
In life, with joy, with sorrow, with success, and failure. However, between success and failure, but also has the setbacks, setbacks, is the only way to determine the success and failure of the road. You are weak, he is strong. If you canFootwear FitFlopenoughFitFlop florettaTo deal with setbacks correctly, it will become a valuable asset in life. Let we look back a look, from ancient times to the present, domestic and international celebrities, is what we think of as a successful person, they in the successful path, who have not met adversity?? But they often choose to be brave. So they succeeded! As Napoleon said: “ the default of their own incompetence, is undoubtedly a failure to create opportunities for ”. Confucius, the Confucian scholars in ancient China, grew up without a father, poverty, without education, only through the strong self-study erudition. He started to read from the age of 15. Because there is no teacher, encountered problems in learning, multi consult others, and ultimately became the founder of the Confucian School of china! Be known as the saint of music of famous German musician & mdash; Beethoven in going to realize their ambition, fate played a joke on him & mdash; his hearing decline significantly and steals the pursuit of his love, again trample upon his mind. But the character that he was in despair straight. Created Symphony “Pastoral Symphony”, “Ninth Symphony” and other popular music! Confucius adversity talent and Beethoven the courage to face setbacks never give up to achieve success stories so that I can not help but to Beethoven said: & ldquo; I will take fate by the throat, it never can enable me to submit completely & rdquo; and & ldquo; excellence is a big advantage is: in the negative and difficult encounter indomitable & rdquo; have a deeper understanding of. In fact, in the face of setbacks, people have two different attitudes: one is to take a positive attitude that is a rational attitude, the other is to take a negativeSprint Puma 2 Nm Herren LuxLaw is not a rational expression. People’s life is a rare success, failure and setbacks will often appear. In the face of setbacks, let us brave to forge ahead, and frustration counterparts, to create a brilliant life! Peer with frustration

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Love turns out to be simple
Love, the original is very simple to Nanjing Dongshan foreign language school grade two (2) Chen Yingxi love, is in spring the cries of greeting; love is accompanied by again and again in the summer; love is in the autumn of a sentence told; love, it is winter in a cup of milk. Love, the original is very simple. Love is a springtime greeting. It is a feeling of happiness, from the early morning host friends a greeting to the classroom, the students can say hello. “ good morning! ” cat sweet voice always can bring a happy mood. &ZigTech Damen ReebokLdquo; good! Orange ” Bao Baoxiong’s voice is always so strong, with all his sleepyUSA FitFlopbe gone。 I have a hearty voice to answer them. Love, the original love is very simple, is a summer time to accompany. The hot summer can not be put up, the sun is still burning the earth. I can hold her arm gently shaking, I hope my mother will take me to go swimming. My mother looked at the hot sun. Smiled and said: “ yes, such a hot day we should go to swim, or to change the mummy! ” I was delighted, thinking that this swimming bag! There are a lot of people in the swimming pool. My mother can’t swim, just in the shallow water. And I had to open the flowers. So that my mother every day to accompany me to swim, although only in the shallow water area. Love, originally very simple love. Love is a sentence in the autumn told. Autumn wind away the summer green, bring the autumn of cool. Every time I go home, my mother alwaysDesigned Fitflop Pietra Bright Classic New RedTold me. & ldquo; in the school to take care of herself, it’s cold, put on more clothes. Don’t put the body cold & rdquo; mother’s words still in my ears echoed, reverberating & hellip; & hellip;. Love, originally a simple love. The original is very simple. Love is a cup of milk in the winter. Every winter weekend. When I wake up in the morning, there will always be a cup of hot milk standing there in front of the table. Milk contains a father’s love for me, although this is a small thing but perseverance. The winter morning can always feel a strong warm. Love, originally very simple love. With the footsteps of spring, summer, autumn and winter, love is always with us. Love, the original is very simple. Tel: 1391826314 love is very simple

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