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Faith is the north star in the sky
The devil training camp in the evening will be a group of people in different places in the forest, announced on its own: who can arrive at the camp in the shortest time, who is brave. A 18 year old girl in less than an hour to reach the camp. When someone asked her what she was saying, it was the bright north star that guided the way. Yes, the stars in the sky light up the eyes of passers-by. In fact, the heart of the sky is always shining a Polaris, it guides you, let you all the way to your goal. Have a master said to his disciples in the blind before dying: “ put a fuming prescription in your groove in my chin, when you play off 1000th strings, you can remove the prescription. The condition is, each play off the string must be the best. &rdqNew Fitflop Fleur Mineral RedUo; apprentice dedicated played 50 years, finally broke the 1000 strings. The “ a blank sheet of ” it is the star in the sky of the pupil’s heart, and he has been working hard for the prescription. For 50 years, he fuming belief persisted for 50 years, although he ultimately failed to see again, but he had the heart of the sky, the sun is shining, his eyes seem bright. Yes, everyone’s soul should have the north star in the sky. Beethoven, a disabled hearing lossFitflop scarpe outletPeople, but with the music to illuminate the soul of the sky, the “ the joy of suffering in exchange for ” is the North star. The immortal masterpiece of Mi Guy Ron Gero’s painstaking efforts, the description of the thousands of tiny creatures and great novels of Tolstoy, they are the hearts of the stars in the sky. It is the shining star of the north, they are clinging to their own hard journey, so that the heart of the sky into the light from the darkness. I look for the north star in the sky of my soul, the North Star should be faith, is the light to illuminate my way. Because Tagore saidJohn Lewis FitFlop shoesFaith is a bird, which sings its song, when it is still dark! May the hearts of the stars in the sky will always shine, forever illuminate the atrium. Faith is the north star in the sky