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Small adventuresFitflop Rokkit Silver Nova

FitFlop MuklukSmall beautiful and harmonious adventures in the forest, there lived a small. Small lively and naughty, make home full of laughter. One day, the chicks went to the forest primary school class today, the teacher is talking about the “elephant” love adventure Gulliver’s travels, the chicks fascinated, after class, had a teacher asked that question. On the way home, a small adventure plan in mind from the brewing … … second days early in the morning, mom called to get up the small, has not found chicks at home, he left a note: Dad, mom, you don’t worry. Such as small back, is not a delicate baby. Besides the chicks, while flying, while casually hum a few popular songs, free and happy appearance is unspeakable. The sun rises gradually, the sun is so kind and small bright, full of vitality, have a faith to support him: I am not a petite yan! Came to the pond, he found that the water is weak, but still fear the enemy, regardless of personal danger toward hinder their rock rushed, Shashi, splash looks sad and pathetic, water can still go its own way, without considering the consequences. He thought of himselfFitFlop HerrenA long flight, I always leave the geese, first Hanlei, one thousand of the ten thousand did not want to. Xiaoyan stared thoughtfully at the distance. Into the garden, swarms of bees are busy buzzing. The chicks think the elephant teacher said: the most industrious bees, and never care about people, have a strong team spirit. They clear division of duties. “ mining flowers into honey, for whom hard for whom sweet? ” it’s not too much! Although the small clever, but also love lazy. With the students often play on the small frame, after all, boys! But today, seem to understand a lot of chicks. Finally, the chicks flew to the seaside. The sea is rushing, roaring, the blue sea water from time to time white spray. Facing the sea breeze slowly, he felt the sea is so beautiful, generous. In particular, the goal that is always running, ideal, exciting. The future is not a dream, and Xiaoyan has figured out the essence of one, he know what to do. Let the brave, hardworking with never devoid of ideals, life will naturally splendid. Small adventures