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The warmth of love

What do I need? Bed can not make me relaxed, I seem to find a kind of what to rely on. I think of love, because it is warm.Pietra FitFlopMy mother gave me all my love. I said that only the cup, there is always changing color: sometimes tender milk, sometimes yellow red Orange Juice, also is sometimes used to suck the tubular — — a deep purple sweetend roll … … I do not know why, I was reminded of the words of Golgi love their children, the hen will, it is important to educate them, this is the so-called love. That was the first day I went to a. The playground is really small. The classroom is really broken. The teacher is very good, she taught Chinese, surnamed Guan, a typical southern look, every move is a bit smart. Her face always with smile, eyes a little smile. She spoke of her mouth is very good-looking, “ see message ” very exciting, is simply a beautiful prose. Her fascination with the students is endless. Even if the criticism is not to hand in homework on time or to try to take a shortcut in the accumulation of the exam was accidentally discovered by her classmates, she is also very tactful words, to keep the self-esteem of each student. During the lecture she will often blurt out a lot of famous ancient poetry. Teacher Wang’s wordsDamen FitFlopWords are good to hear. “ I can’t attract every student like a magnet, and the magnet can attract iron ”. The teacher once said. But Wang is not a gardener, but. She takes care of every flower in the nursery. Even to the grass, she has a loving heart. Don’t you from her smiling face, smiling eyes see what? How to2014 Black Fitflop Platinum with FlowerI met her in the garden, she always asked a few questions about my homework, my recent … … let me feel the warmth of love again and again. Parents and teachers love can not accompany me for a lifetime, lovely is warm, but also mutual, only to learn to love others, can really feel the warmth of love. I really like my mother. I really like my teacher. The warmth of love