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The scenery in my eyes
It is the last flower hidden spring flowers fall spring to a sweet smile, leaving only residual red everywhere. The garden of overlapping layers of withered petals. Amidst the confusion, the flowers dancing in a spring body has stopped, tired smile stranded in the petals of the mouth. Strands of rain gently over the flowers, leaves light hickey. Every piece of petals are frequented by a tranquil soul, contains silently treasured touched and sad. Every drop of rain across the petals are like flowers, to cherish spring and cemented tears Yingying flashing. “ the first floor canmeng five minutes, time spent the end of March rain. ” in the face of spring flowers fall, rain, the ancients sigh only worry about. I do not know the flower is not the end of the decline, but fromFitflop Boot Short Leather BrownPoint, after a brief dark, brilliant will continue. For the moment the Wu empty garden, we always used to disappointment and sigh next season. As we go through a period of gloomy days, always because of the failure of too much fear, they had given up on the persistent pursuit of the dream. Therefore, we are accustomed to the beautiful scenery freeze in yesterday, fixed in the infinite memories, but the endless sorrow in the heart, the feelings of melancholy linger stay today. But success is always in the hands of people who are positive and optimistic. Today is tomorrow’s history, plan tomorrow, tomorrow will be better than today! Spring residue, flower fall — — not the end, not the endHerren FitFlop, but the beginning, is the starting point, is a prelude to … … every day, the first quarter of every period of history we passed, contains its own beauty. So why are obsessed with the passing of the past, urgent hopeSale online FitFlopsDistant future? Did not find the spring flowers fall, amidst the slim; Pinglan view, in the sunshine after the rain? Don’t let the sadness and tears today, with the sun like smile, fan with the wings of hope toward the sky dream regardless of the weather, with the firm, the dedication. When is spring flowers fall. Casual summer we have been walking leisurely. I believe that we will be the most beautiful scenery in the city, full of sunshine, full of confidence and boundless energy. The scenery in my eyes

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The experience of summer camp

Camp experience this summer camp not as usual experience out, but in the vicinity of the school experience. The morning of July 20th, is the first day of summer camp, this is a day of school class cadre training. I heard what the teacher said, feeling is quite deep, this is also thought to do in the first day when the vice monitor, doCHA CHA Blue FitflopNot good at all. Ever also had a very embarrassing thing: it was just opening soon, I still do not adapt to the environment of junior high school, so did not bother the teacher arranged in a few days before the start of training tasks. Unexpectedly, the teacher let the monitor at the class meeting said the first school plan, because I didn’t say, made the teacher very angry, so in the school a few days before the teacher gave a bad impression. After this matter, I slowly realized as the monitor duty. From what teacher’s speech I realized these points: 1, should have a good idea and a good quality. 2, to respect teachers, care about students. 3, consciously self-restraint. 4, to read Daquan, general knowledge. 5, to obey the arrangements. 6, self-confidence, self-esteem. 7, as the monitor should have action ability, planning ability, organization ability, judgment ability, learning ability. 8, Qin pen, often with the brain. 9, lead by example. 10, actively carry out a good topic. 11, adjust good teacher-student relationship. On the second day, half of us were in school for sanitation while the other half were cleaning in the neighborhood. I was assigned to school, many people are actively doing their assigned tasks, I also do as much as they do. After more than an hour of effort, we feel that the school new look. I also understand a truth: as long as efforts, nothing will not achieve. At the end of the summer camp, what each class class monitor should do. Some classes said very well, just like the first (11) classes Chen Yu classmates, she to speak up is not a bit nervous, but as a leader, calmly face the following students quietly speech. She was amazed many people, I also think that she is worthy of a monitor. In the process of listening, I also feel a lot, also made me understand as a squad leader to have a sense of responsibility, especially the deputy squad leader to help monitor work, so as to create a good class collective.FitFlops sale kidsThe experience of summer camp