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Happiness is to stayBoot sale FitFlopTo tomorrow

In the morning, with the sound of a clock Ding Ling whisper, flooded dim you slowly get up, quietly opened the window clean, comfortable and outstretched, a breath of fresh air, looking at the hazy sky, smile that is easy to say: “ today will be a wonderful day. ” you are carrying a heavy red bag, hopped into the campus, the moment when you stepped into the door of the classroom, you fell. Your face is set the whole room roaring with laughter. Unexpectedly, you did not cry, but the strong support of the injured leg. For a long time, you are accompanied by the pain and resolutely say: “ tomorrow I will not. ” the teacher scolded you for being late for school, although it was because of the traffic jam on the road, but you did not explain. Patiently listening to the teacher’s instructions, in your review, you said: “ tomorrow I will not. ” today, there appeared some dazzling red fork, your homework yet you showed no traces of heart, but with confidence in the teacher’s explanation, you finally revealed a lovely smile and said: “ tomorrow I won’t go wrong. ” in the evening, you and friends together to discuss the idol, looked at the time of existence, when you wake up, have no car home, you have to run home. Breathless you gently open the door, a pair of cold eyes make you scared. Your mother is ready for Zhang Yongzhang’s different mouth. You consciousness: “ tomorrow I will not. ” today, you will not think of so perfect, but you put today’s perfect in tomorrow. You have been working hard to perfect tomorrow. youLuna Pewter Fitflop快乐,你纯洁,你天真。 不知道在多少个明天的那一天,你没有那可笑的一摔,没有人会对你说“迟到”俩字,你作业的准确率已是百分之百,你更不会讨论明星梦了,明天让你成功了,明天让你尝到了幸福的滋味。 明天对谁都是一个迷。忘掉今天的不愉快,去过充满希望的明天。留给明天。你心中就会得到一弘清泉的滋润,而这份滋润会让你保持着对生活的热情,热爱和挚爱。 Happiness is to stay给明天