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Color season

We embrace each other in the color of the season, even if one day the seasons change, all the colors are not seen, we still look forward to, the beauty will not be far away, maybe tomorrow will be the spring. I: blue sky, green street, we walk together in spring. I slowly opened his arms, gently embrace the April wind. I slowly close my eyes and feel the gentle curl of the sun in April. Stretch my caress willow, I looked down to smell the flowers xinxiang. I walked in the spring of spring soothing, walking. Purple wind, silver beach, stroll along the beach in the summer. The quiet summer breeze, the memory of the wind chimes, bursts of sound, smart music in an instant with Qingzou. The breeze was fine long hair, black hair flying in the wind, the hand holding just drop leaves, faint fragrance, is rich, have a clean, it is perhaps the taste of summer. Red maple leaf, golden wheat field, and the harvest of autumn. The autumn rain Phoenix, pointSandals sale online FitFlopLittle drops, eye to the building at dusk; Ying Jiang Hui empty soul, moonlight, water flooding days. Light yellow leaves floating head spin smart it petite body, with gold wind side curl, andNew Fitflop Frou Flower Sandal Amazing VioletSpring at the foot of the Gao Ting melody flow slowly down, like nine days outside the circle to xianle generally ran in front. White snow, romantic night, we embrace each other in the color of the season. At this time I was snow slapping my face, his warm palm, make Peng velvet snowflakes, and I want it close, but not the number of snow in the end there are a few clear edges, it went to, in my palm in a pool of water stains. I regret, it seems that the snow is cold, but the temperature is not the edge. The snow was silent on the roof floor, Yushu Qionghua quietly in full branches, even on the road that has been messy shoe just Piaoqi snow covered. Everything is so quiet, the snow is quietly decorated with the earth. Green Street Blue we walk together the spring wind Purple Silver Beach stroll in the summer beach red maple leaf golden wheat fields to harvest autumn snow white romantic night we embrace in every color of the season even if one dayBoots TimberlandSeasonal changes in all the colors are not seen we still look to the beautiful will not be far away may be the spring of tomorrow, the color of the season