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Mom and IDesigned Fitflop Pietra Bright Classic New RedAnd I mother Nanjing Dongshan foreign language school second & lt; 9> Fitflop Chada apricot class Xu teachers Gu Xianfang my mother and I have been living together for 16 years the, of course, between me and my mom happened many many things, my memory the deepest is the one thing. When I was in grade four in elementary school, I became fascinated with chess, and asked my mother to buy me a box of Chinese chess and a book on chess. I took the chess and the book, and I was so happy that I got a baby. After dinner, I took the book carefully look, not for a while, I learned how to play the game of chess and each piece of the law. But how can a person under it? I thought of my mother, although mom won’t play chess, but to me, she readily promised, and immediately with an open mind to my learning. Second days early in the morning, I willFitFlop AmazonAsked the mother would like to play chess with me, my mother agreed to the. The beginning of the game, I proudly set pieces, chess set, I let my mother first out chess. Because the mother does me good, after a few minutes, her pawn, horses and guns were I killed a naked, and I just lost the two soldiers a gun on a horse. And after a few minutes, my mother will finally be my car to eat. Mom’s lost, I think I’m really smart. After a few games, each time I beat the mother, which also makes me a little proud of it. Mother Shu Qi after, every day is a leisure time, he took a chess book and see, and I put this thing on the side, not to read the books the, busy all day playing games. After a month, I and mother play chess, my mother a lot of progress, and I could not stop before, the first game over, I and my mother into a stalemate. The last three games took me by surprise: I only won one, but my mom won two games. I really sit up and take notice to mother felt a bit ashamed, even beyond my mother so much. I quickly picked up the chess book again dedicated to look at it, and then not proud of. From small to large, my mother taught me knowledge and the truth of life. Mother said, with her daughter, she learned a lot of things, she is growing up with her daughter. In the mother’s care, my results have been good, and her mother in the painting has also been a lot of progress, we have found the past never had the pleasure of life. Mom and I

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In the Rain

Beautiful misty rain, from the high sky flagged, like little stars falling on the earth, holy and beautiful, she washed earth moistens everything her unconditional. She gently brushed in all things, like a mother’s love is gentle. Hours I am headstrong, one morning, my mother told me it’s going to rain today, but I think Fitflop Uitverkoop online with big sale trouble, did not take an umbrella, mother said: & ldquo; today I have no time to meet you.Trainers FitFlopsBe careful, rain soaked through home. ” I went to school the school opened the door. After school, I hold stretch out of the classroom, the sky is dusky, air sparse under a drizzle, I silently say: rain, do not, under the rain, do not. I harbored a lucky heart ran to the school gate, but God seems to be very not into my wish, it was raining harder and harder, eyes is full of hazy. Students are being picked up by their parents, leaving only my lonely standing under the eaves of the school gate. Far2014 Rokkit Royalblue FitflopI saw a figure coming up here, mom, right? She walks closer and closer, I open my eyes to see, not a mother, a sense of loss in my heart. Suddenly, I remembered my mother said this morning: “ today I have no time to meet you, rain soaked through home care. ” mom, you really won’t come to pick me up? The day was dark, only the light in the classroom is a lamp lights off, I looked at the clock ticking seconds walk. Just as I was about to be disappointed to go back, I saw the familiar figure, near the! Near! “ mother! ” I cried and ran to the past. My mother saw me, her nervous expression relaxed, and she walked up to me and handed me an umbrella. I found my mother’s clothes are wet half, like water. Originally, mother would have forgotten me in the morning mess with her angry things, look at me in the evening in peacetime should go home of time did not come, very worried, hurried to find me. My mother’s love is like a drizzle, the selfless moisture I do not ask for return. Love is like the misty, holy, beautiful rain soft, selfless, the all their dedication out, ask for nothing in return, love in the rain, love in our hearts, love is everywhere, let us cherish this selfless love. In the Rain