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Love turns out to be simple
Love, the original is very simple to Nanjing Dongshan foreign language school grade two (2) Chen Yingxi love, is in spring the cries of greeting; love is accompanied by again and again in the summer; love is in the autumn of a sentence told; love, it is winter in a cup of milk. Love, the original is very simple. Love is a springtime greeting. It is a feeling of happiness, from the early morning host friends a greeting to the classroom, the students can say hello. “ good morning! ” cat sweet voice always can bring a happy mood. &ZigTech Damen ReebokLdquo; good! Orange ” Bao Baoxiong’s voice is always so strong, with all his sleepyUSA FitFlopbe gone。 I have a hearty voice to answer them. Love, the original love is very simple, is a summer time to accompany. The hot summer can not be put up, the sun is still burning the earth. I can hold her arm gently shaking, I hope my mother will take me to go swimming. My mother looked at the hot sun. Smiled and said: “ yes, such a hot day we should go to swim, or to change the mummy! ” I was delighted, thinking that this swimming bag! There are a lot of people in the swimming pool. My mother can’t swim, just in the shallow water. And I had to open the flowers. So that my mother every day to accompany me to swim, although only in the shallow water area. Love, originally very simple love. Love is a sentence in the autumn told. Autumn wind away the summer green, bring the autumn of cool. Every time I go home, my mother alwaysDesigned Fitflop Pietra Bright Classic New RedTold me. & ldquo; in the school to take care of herself, it’s cold, put on more clothes. Don’t put the body cold & rdquo; mother’s words still in my ears echoed, reverberating & hellip; & hellip;. Love, originally a simple love. The original is very simple. Love is a cup of milk in the winter. Every winter weekend. When I wake up in the morning, there will always be a cup of hot milk standing there in front of the table. Milk contains a father’s love for me, although this is a small thing but perseverance. The winter morning can always feel a strong warm. Love, originally very simple love. With the footsteps of spring, summer, autumn and winter, love is always with us. Love, the original is very simple. Tel: 1391826314 love is very simple