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My father and my father and the computer

I and my father and computer Nanjing Dongshan foreign language school two days (10) class Zhang Qing XX in early May, my family bought a computer. After the computer and broadband are installed, I will play up. Dad also learned by himself not resigned to playing second fiddle, some of the basic gameplay. The next thing you can imagine, that is to grab the computer. Usually I go to school, he was the only one who play at home, although there is no competition, but for the emerging things he is full of curiosity, a play is a very long time, which also led to the I have a holiday at home after the fierce competition. I was afraid of my father, so for me, the competition will need some skillsMukluk sale FitFlop. This day, dad in the room to play computer, I willWonderful Sandals Khaki Red FitFlopIn the living room to write homework, and so I write about the same time, I went to ask my father to let me play for a while, dad often said: “ write your homework, finished the book, do not always want to play computer. ” I had no choice but to return to the living room. As usual, I moved my head in the living room, thinking about what could be the way to let me play to the computer. Suddenly, I saw a light bulb on my head in the black screen on the TV. And I’m just waiting for the chance. Finally, Dad went to the bathroom. I immediately like a general arrow toward the front of the computer, for fear of losing every second can play computer time. I quickly hung up the QQ, enter the space to get something in space. Unfortunately, time is too short, I was not ready, Dad came, I had to QQ down, go back to the drawing room. I have not read in the living room, but want to. I want to get the opportunity to use their defeated, keep on fighting spirit. After I repeated to disturb dad, impatient, angry said to me: “ you play, I do not play. ”! Through my efforts, I can play with myself! And dad? My father can only watch TV now. It’s up to me.Sneakers dames ASICsGrab my computer so many times, not always successful. If I don’t succeed, my father and I have a role reversal, he continued to play his computer, I watch tv. My family is a happy family, bought a computer, home happy atmosphere and a lot more. So, I can not let my friend — — computer too tired, I want to use it sparingly. My father and my father and the computer