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I help you
I helpRock chic FitFlopYou Dongshan foreign language school two days (6) Qiu Ruixue memory in the memory of countless times, but every time I bravely stood up, only the oneWomen Black Fiorella CatchingTimes, the most unforgettable, she helped me up, let me strongFitFlop shoes uk cheapStand up. At that time, away from the school only has a few seconds, I still out in the playground, I to your fastest speed hurried into the classroom, suddenly I do not know is what tripped, heavy fall to the ground, a feeling of pain across my mind, I tried to stand up, but failed each time, this just know twist to the feet. Four have no, the students are covered with confusion ran to classroom, I feel helpless. Due and I feel helpless, she came from the walked behind me, with his left hand and helped me, left hand pulled me up, I this just know originally is my classmate, she was just ready to run into the classroom, a look back, I fell, she immediately to help me. She help me up, carefully helped me, while she was walking side to me said: & ldquo; don’t be afraid, the foot was twisted will be ready in a minute. I used to often twist to the feet. You don’t move, want to go, I’ll help you on foot, it still painful? ” I heard her say warm in my heart, all the pain is not what. I said to her, “ it’s much better. ” it is still in pain. & ldquo; I also trust & rdquo; and he helped me, we tremble Wei Wei came into the classroom, although late, but I still feel very happy. Because I am full of gratitude and touch. After class, she immediately to accompany me, she looked at my feet, I do not know her from which to learn come medicine, rubbing a few, a few feet didn’t hurt. I really did not see it, and usually only think her in words, ordinary, did not expect at the critical moment, she seems so brave, touching, ordinary, she now let me feel unusual for her. I know, it’s not her medicine cure my pain, but her heart has an infinite heat cured me of my pain. Until today although I helped countless people, has also been countless people help too, but my most memorable was her arm, that kind of feeling in my memories. Teacher: Wu Mei, I help you.

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An umbrella.
Afterlife children I still love you – signature God is so unkind, a point nor encountered a wee little thunder Bang switch, tears rushing fall down, cried sinceCloggs FitFlopHas all the pain. Let a person look that is love and anger distressed him in the face of setbacks, no students, teachers, parents and him sorrow, anger she how compassionate, let did not take the umbrella unable to move. At the bottom of the patches of clouds, the emergence of a group of lovely children, they stood in the doorway, dull looking at the rain, clearly to the dinner time, why did they delay? Only because without an umbrella for God sudden test their helpless, classroom next door to the office door opened, inside out a tall, a kindly face, she is the group of children & quot; mother & rdquo; look at the group of children helpless eyes her imagination Liu Qian will become magic, & ldquo; Shua & rdquo; to change the lot of the umbrella, let the little darling is obedient children don’t get caught in the rain. Also in a moment of lightning flashed across her head looked at his hand, originally her right hand tightly with a black umbrella she had thought her umbrella into the tall boy hand boys agreed that should be the only umbrella left others unconsciously, umbrella into the female rookie big man in the girls refuse: we high, compared to the weak little girl or umbrella to them, so that the umbrella in each handFitFlop superbootIn each pass son took the umbrella did not open it, but he will give another person like this umbrella in every human heart transfer. I have written thisFitFlop sale onlineThere is no way to write down the thoughts like, full of vigour Ivy seconds occupied my heart. I think it is necessary to the statement, at this time the but again occurred, in our Wai who would like to own responsible for yougod’s sorrow also students don’t want to get wet in the rain is outstanding teacher Li Li Yang teacher, students in the group of students is Dong Wai. Together, they said for the second class (10). The second Nanjing Dongshan foreign language school (10) class Hu an umbrella.

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Writing approach
Posterior writing & mdash mdash; read the party in my heart, a sense of the article praises the deeds of the great revolutionary predecessors, let us briefly review what occurred in a war. Those whose fathers were not men of God, they were ordinary, and they were no longer ordinary. If it is not for the protection of the family, to contribute to the motherland, they may really be ignored, no one will remember their names. But they use their own actions to interpret their own extraordinary. In the face of danger of enemy bayonets, only 15 year old Liu Hulan unexpectedlyRetailers FitFlopCan Mianbugaise heart does not jump, I think she should know themselves at the moment has not only represent their own, but on behalf of the whole of China.Gogh FitFlopsAt the moment their own bow does not mean that China’s hands to the enemy to surrender?! This is the Chinese people do not want to see. So he insisted on his own practice, although keep the dignity of the country, but unfortunately died in the hands of the enemy die for the sake of the country. But her death is not meaningless, she protected China, the protection of China’s dignity. Liu Hulan sacrifice so there are a lot of people think, they always think of countries, at the end of life for the country made great contributions. Today, the rapid development of science and technology in twenty-first Century, the quality of life of mankind has also been improved. These we now enjoy everything is for the cost of life for the revolutionary martyrs. We now live in tall buildings, eat a big meal, drive a car, do not know how easy lifeGogh sale FitFlop! Some people are a waste of food, they do not know “ ChuHeRiDangWu, sweat wo soil. ” do you? No, I think they know. But because it is not their own personal experience, so do not know the hard won grain. There are some people who work, because even boring Shangjie robbery, hurt innocent. When they do these things may have thought everything people have been envious of them enjoy, advocating their life, but they are not satisfied, these it is spurned by the behavior. We should despise them, instead we should do the task at hand, to serve the country. Let the same as our students Study hard now, writing this long posterior!