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Life, can let people learn to knowledge. This knowledge does not come from the parents, not from the teacher, but from the nature. When I was fine, I became a major leisure activity. Last summer, a casual visitorSale John Lewis FitFlopCame to my balcony, and took a good nest here. I am I don’t have to go to the yard to see the ants. From this moment all right as long as I will go to the balcony to sit and look at the little guy doing. Once, I found many ants lined up to climb in one direction, so I follow their route to see. It turns out that they found me to keep the earthworms into the half apple, more and more ants, they are how to find these foods. I did an experiment, put a biscuit on the side of the hole, waiting for a while, but then came out a few ants, they climb a burst of finally locked the target, then climb back to report. The original ant’s sense of smell is very good, so that they can easily find food. After a few days, I read a book in the balcony is a cockroach accidentally discovered, I subconsciously picked up the slippers ready to go to it. This is what I found two ants, one of them found a cockroach so bite it. Soon, another ant found it, and the two ants touched the antenna, and an ant went back. A lot of ants came out after the hole. And the other ants desperately bite a cockroach, but the volume difference very far, though ants is very strong, can also be cockroaches pulled away. Then the ant of a large force, cockroach and ant who more and more, don’t start with, start up the needle. More and more ants, and some of the legs of a cockroach, and some of its head. Soon the cockroach surrendered, it is up to the ant nest, but cannot go in, the ants began by plan. The second day, the colony edge has no cockroaches, ants nest in estimation. The little ant beat the animal with a hundred times stronger than his own. An ant can’t bite the cockroach, but it is still far away. But many ants can give huge cockroach body visible unity is how much. There are a lot of things that are worth our studying, why don’t we go and learn these things that help us?