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Youth is not full
Most of the summer of cicada group of tolls, with its gradually almost faint voice, to the careful people quietly convey news of summer will be lost. In the late summer and early autumn season, suddenly remember those who are destined to lose. The memory of the hard, so, they stuck in this memory. Just entered the high school, like a fragile and lonely fish, a little less attention, they will be due to hypoxia and suffocation. Once because of loneliness and sad, but stubborn don’t want to let others see a trace of end look askance; once because of failure and fear, but to raise the corners of the mouth, desperately pretending to be a strong self. Free in a lonely waters, also failed to find the companion and sob. This small and humble themselves, how to throw away. Gradually, learn in heavy schoolwork breathing. Companion told me: do not learn to learn, so, sooner or later will be paralyzed. To strive for their own ideals, so that learning is not just learning, but also a kind of fun. I was in her words2014 Rock Chic Sandals Black Fitflop, understand a little, my pond, also added oxygen. At least, in a dark and cold night, will not be lost because of confusion and the courage to move forward. I know, in every effort to the ideal of the day, there will be a person, and I walk together, I also is not a lonely scenery. Long live friendship! Suddenly, a man named defeated rival, savage took my courage and confidence. Of the exam, the teacher’s criticism, let me in the front of the enemy lost lost paintBlack shoes FitFlopGround. I think, it’s purpose, but it is to let me be as soon as possible, and then, forever live in its shadow. Staggered by falls to climb up, struggling to breathe oxygen is one of the few, I will fight. For all the ridicule and contempt, pick up the courage, continueFitFlop Shoes WomensForward. Has been shrouded in the boundless darkness of their own, but also learned the courage to look for the light. It was a failure, but it also gave me courage to overcome it. I said: to have the most simple life and the most distant dream. Even if the weather is very cold tomorrow, farroad crash. I think I have not yet gone youth in, I have not yet old youth I needed to harvest and understand, it is not just that…

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My teacher
Our first class of nine, that it is all a talented men still remained in concealment, the master. CustomTrainers FitFlopsWords: teacher gaotu. But the disciple in our group, not in the hands of the teacher, but in some & ldquo; & rdquo, each has its own merits. & ldquo; mother & rdquo; doors. Let’s talk about our Chinese teacher. She, a thirty year old woman, with us is very strict, but also very humorous, in the boring classroom, always can cause the source of joy, let us study in the laughter, in the exercise of Oliver free play, let us not only learn the knowledge, and feel the atmosphere of joy. My English teacher, is a just stepped out of the school gate, full of blood and passionSlippers UK FitFlop, come to “ the people’s teacher ” this sacred and great post. Her lecture was full of passion and energy, with wit and joy, and in her class, I was always listening. You don’t look at her as a teacher, but she is very wonderful. I used to English, it is a rolling pin — — be utterly ignorant of. Since on the junior high school, met her, my English is like rocket as swish rose in a straight line and also when our class representative of the English class?. it all in all, thank you for the contribution to the English teacher. An English teacher in my mind, who not only looks beautiful vibrant, is the most important, she is our closest friends. She often talks to us, is we the boarders can often feel at home to the warmth of the. At the end of the last thing, say our math teacher! She was very kind, and she was a great teacher, and she felt that mathematics was the most sacred thing in the world. If my classmates said that the biggest characteristic of mathematics teacher, it will be. Math teacher always when we encounter problems, patiently explain to us to listen, not, then two times, until we all understand,Trainer FitFlopYou say, she is not very responsible person? In my opinion, my teachers are very, very good, because they are in the dark night to guide us along the way, because they are, to bring us to the pinnacle of success!