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My Chinese dream
China is a great and ancient country, which has a lot of historical stories of heroes and children, my Chinese dream 600 words. Five thousand yearsWomens Black Sandals Fitflop Frou Dishy, let us know how to effect a force for the country. My Chinese dream is to be a good doctor, perhaps you2014 Fitflop with Rosybrown Flower KhakiSaid a little the doctor how to serve their country, but the doctor to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, to treat people, let them live a healthy and good life, the taste is not a country most want to complete the dream. Look at the rehabilitation of the patients treated by themselves,2014 Rokkit Black FitflopOneself also feel gratified, happy. Dream is not to do the best, as long as you want, you want to fight. In the past, China suffered a heavy disaster to see the light, war chalking up how many people regret the death, made the Chinese people angry a massacre mounted thereon, every second almost all a country people were killed. The harrowing scenes like a sharp knife, was inserted in the motherland the fragile heart. The mother’s heart in the blood! By now, we have to learn how to protect our home, for the national effect of a force, even if it is very small, and finally one day will be found. Dream is a peerless beauty, she has a deep eyes, let us see the hope for the future. She has a sweet voice, tell us how to walk your own way; she has a delicate hands, give us the selfless assistance; she has a love heart, always smiling with your side. Would you please find a belong to your beauty, will hold her in my arms, in the moonlight memories of her wonderful promises to pay to her, in her direction to success. I like this kind of people to save the people, watching them recover, and look at them to continue to live. In the treatment of the time, there will inevitably be the emergence of death, but since they do the best efforts to rescue, perhaps he will be more happy to another world. You don’t have to be too much of yourself. Now, I’m just a little junior high school student, but I will work hard to learn, to complete my great dream, but also the national dream. Young rich Chinese rich, young Chinese strong. My dream is the Chinese dream, the Chinese dream is our dream!