Grape Whirl

Wo mountain snow downFitFlops boysRemember the day is wo mountain snow, cold day. The wind blew, the man, but at huoyao, Joseph is frozen hard east. All are together in the little girl, a burning fire emergency, all sitting on the seat, all idle words. Outside the wind Xuan Xiao Gui, and sometimes play, suddenly roll Luo wei. All the others; “ cold wind is a play of juvenile Xi ”. Due to the small Yu Gui, grand view, day to snow. I see is the king, ran out of the door, to the street to find friends Lechun, speak to shangxue mountain driving Shi wo. Yu Xinghan, after a while, the mountain to nest. The car is not the capsule, feather fast dance, dance in the sky suddenly. As for the times, if the white jade jade beads Montreal, sparkling light light spilled out of the mirror. In the forest, jade light overflowing, not following the line. Can brave forward, to do more than the forest, overlooking the mountains, white mist and hill half phase by the bottom view, it is difficult to. Dance drama in the Mountain Jade Flower, first, the best play in the tree, the tree of light beat, very happy. Geometric overlap in the tree, the little snow hanging branches, if fairy play, posture million. From depending on the tree, the snow on the body, different shape of wood. Jade sword, jade house, such as jade. It is difficult to say the state of its state. And Yang Feng, one hundred feet high. Su Xuesuo, even thousands of fog top, steep mountains and potential risk, such as tears fall, cloud Luan into cloth, mountains of heave. Fei Jianqiong means, the snow in the meantime, not to show its trace. The fierce wind and cold, heaven boucher. Clean the mountain as weeping, but despise each other. More than my friend and regarded this concept, and to be careful and cautious. I and the friends of Chi but the top of the mountain, the road in the snow, play snow, play snow and cherish the snow, two people also like. Hee hee soonShoes FitFlopTo the mountain. Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers to the other hand if the play, from the view of Tianshan Mountains, a mountain, mountain day, day. On Tianshan, pale, sometimes snow shine, chilly cold mountain air, clean natural, such as into the temple, fairy mist floating despise, cloud soars, Ewha falling. Overlooking the river ice, however, see traces of water deficiency. However, the friends of Chi song; “ day play mountains water freezing cold, hot purple born immortal tam. &rdqu2014 Luna FitFlopO; the snow stopped, all are quiet. If the mountain a little lady, but also, a painting, a painting in the sky if. But the river is a drop of paint. When the birds Elique, play in the trees, then the jade flower fly, if autumn is YuLan flower flying in flower box. Sometimes Ming in the sky, listen to the sound harmonic, Qianshan sound transmission, sound almost if. Subsequently Hongxia attributed to the foot of the mountain, as the sky Hongxia, but painting a, on, red radiance. If snow Chardonnay Zhongzhu, Jingjing reflect red light. The day was dark, and friends to go home, more than once day tour.

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China Dream;Chinese dream
Efforts to achieve the Chinese dream now is a society full of competitiveness. Some people keep trying, of course, too.Fitflop Lunetta Urban White NewA failure of time. We can’t just ask for the result, but neglect the process, the process is more important than the result. As the novel “the old man and the sea” in the old man, he is a fisherman, old, named Santiago. The old man did not catch fish in a row for eighty-four consecutive days, and finally he was alone in the use of three days to kill the large Ma Lin fish tied to the side of the boat. But on the way, by a number of shark attacks, and finally left the fish head and spine. The old man said that he had failed in the end, but did he really fail? I don’t think he’s a hero.Rokkit Pretty Black Diamond Fitflop. Although he finally came back empty handed. But he was a man with a large number of sharks, killing several sharks. He has always been full of confidence, the whole body is tired, but also to the weak, but also still insist on. From his body, I saw a series of good, tenacious, brave, not afraid of failure, full of confidence and so onClearance FitFlopMoral character. An old man still can do this, ask us to such a young man, okay? In the process of learning, whether you will be because of a problem, a recitation of a live dictation fails, and give up? Do you push today’s task to tomorrow? Do you think your goals are too high? Your courage, your perseverance, your tenacity and where? Said young people are the flowers of the motherland in the future, do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow, without suffering and how can we grow up? We want to sing the national China dream, the people want to build China into a socialist country to unite the main rich, strong and prosperous. In this long process, each of us should do our own thing, do our best to fulfill our responsibilities. Students, should learn, not afraid of hard, brave and tenacious struggle, for the Chinese dream to do their part; teachers, should be hard for the flowers watering, they become a good citizen, for the Chinese dream and struggle. All businessmen should be honest management, to protect the safety of all aspects of the Chinese dream of building a harmonious society and efforts. We should learn from the old man in Santiago, tenacious, courageous, hard work, hard work. All Chinese citizens to realize the dream of China and continuous struggle! Name: Xiao Yanan Nanjing City fourteenth middle school teacher: Bao Peizhen