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Treasure book review

This week, I read by British writer Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a “Treasure Island fitflop cha cha blue” Let me have a lot of curiosity.

“Treasure Island dishy womens black sandals fitflop frou” describes an island treasure hunt adventure story, the hero Jim Martin is this small inn owner, his good-natured, lively wit, and, like me, full of curiosity.
One day, a self-proclaimed master of quirky guests frequent this hotel, leading to a series of buy lunch.
First, the mysterious black dog appeared, followed by a stroke and died of old masters, and then another group of pirates roaring.
Here, everyone seems to have some fear, not only is your fear, I just look at the time, but also very afraid, especially to see here, very nervous very nervous, what is not here, until later still
There are more frightening yet.
In the old captain’s death, at the hands of the old captain Jim accident has been a treasure map, a group of vicious pirates equally eyeing on this map, so pirates dressed as a sailor with a pedestrian plot Jim sailed to Treasure Island
can treasure was missing, is it someone beat her to it?
Behind that!
Author is not expressed, and finally landed in the hands of a treasure map in the end what people, which is a problem I played curiosity, but, if you peruse, there will be another harvest.

Finally possession fitflop hyka treasure map to where we want to know, I think we will want to know, let’s go slowly with the author read of it!

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Wind in the Willows book review 600 words

The book is the ladder of human progress, the book is the golden key to open the treasure house of knowledge, the book is the world’s nutrition 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; the benefits can say that the book listed a laundry list.
Since childhood, because of physical reasons, I sensitive irritability, I can not stand to see people around me that strange look, I do not participate in group activities 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; my mother always tried to open my mind, to accompany me into the book
world, let me keep up with the pace of their peers.
That, she bought the book back, a man hiding in the side slowly gnawing, secretive laughter issued from time to time, so I wonder, What I understand, but let me curious?
So, I grabbed the trophy, with excitement, with a victory into the “Wind in the Willows” world.

“Wind in the Willows” This book, unlike other books that people read too heavy to breathe without air over, nor it is difficult to understand esoteric philosophy.
It passed a quiet and peaceful, beautiful and delicate contain rich emotional, but also humor and wit.

Indomitable adventurer; this book is represented by four small animals, which are full of a sense of direction of life, full of rational always know what they ought to do Rat; good temper, like new things, very easy-going faithful Mole
toad, he individuation, advocating freedom, new horizons are always chasing him where to buy fitflops seek; but it is a badger experienced the vicissitudes of life, well-respected man, failing Chuluanbujing.

Along the way, I follow the Rat and Mole browse the rural idyllic pastoral life and human style, witnessed the toad trouble, fled funny story.
Friends Dinglixiangzhu his home to help him regain the growth process.

Reading this book made me understand that people can not be isolated, so-called friends and more good one, along with a friend should be like Mole cute easygoing, when a friend falls, hands stretched out to support, as a friend
When sad, send a comforting word, a friend will make you lonely life journey full of song and laughter.
Think often stingy own demeanor for friends and preoccupied, but ignored the tolerance and patience, to know how to be considerate of people welcome.

They should learn to deal with life’s adventure toad, the status quo can not do great things is making progress.
A person before the fear of the wolf tiger scared, he can only hinder the pace of progress, he would never get the experience of failure, let alone the joy of success, to be first in the world to do the first person to eat crab.
As this essay competition, my heart is like fifteen bucket to draw water —- uneasiness, fear of failure was laughed at, hey!
Go its own way, let others speak!

The key moment of life is often only a few steps, without fire, be like water, like rats always know what to do, what to recover, as in the open sea with a boat, to be ready to grasp the direction, heading
the right side.

Life is long, can not be calm, smooth sailing, there will always be a whirlpool, rapids, reefs, this time to the same Chuluanbujing like badgers, calm.
So what’s difficult not overcome it?

This book, I read it several times repeated, say reading a hundred times, its meaning from the see, is not false.
I Yimushihang, gulping look, to ponder on line 10 heads, each new harvest, to learn the essence, so my mind to get on, get edify sentiment, but let me know how people get along like a mole
rat, the key moment to learn Water Rat, Toad learn to deal with life, while failing to like the old badger.

Book toad is lucky, there would never betray a friend, always forgiving him, care for him and help him grow, called a gang of three men.
Think of yourself is the midst of sadness, when peers were all alive and kicking when the boys fitflops waiting, hands and feet inconvenience I was in the hospital were long and painful rehabilitation, young fashionable fitflop flare cheap black elegant ignorant of me, the pain too
, hated, blamed, and cried, and my parents were never gave up, never did anything against the teacher, the students did not isolate me 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

A good book, that’s it infected my soul!