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The Old Man and book review 600 words

“Old Man” is one of the required reading for the New Curriculum recommend students for a long time I could not love it up today in the class had read a few pages, the students face a faint response , let me once
this book can not appreciate that , a book I have not read even the taste to read to students fitflop rock chic with diamond pieces black listening, students naturally will not buy my account , after reading a few pages of this book is
Nature is my break into limbo .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; to save it out of limbo is fitflop sale online word 0026 ldquo yellow bookmarks on ; Hemingway , American writer for ” The Old Man ,” a book she won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
0026 rdquo; I was surprised , so why thin book to get the Nobel Prize for Literature ?
Baidu whim , I found a lot about the book value of some profiles and analysis as well as some other people’s book review , and gradually I also had a desire to read the book , so there I am with this book
the second meeting .

With Read tips and find out the mood of others spent three nights reading the book.
There are three so far echoed in my mind :

First, Santiago too strong.
He , nothing , the poor , the elderly , in poor health .
But it is also the world’s richest man , eighty-seven days did not catch fish , still insist on the sea, still convinced that he will be able to catch a big fish in a fishing village where people make surprise, eighty-seven days what he bear
pressure ah ?
I think our public course , if I did not Shanghao eighty-seven lesson , I ‘m open public classes?
My heart will have the kind of confidence and enthusiasm it?
I am afraid Pale Ba .

Two , very good story.
The little boy is very good, although the family had forced him to leave the fishing boat makes the elderly , but he never gave up care for the elderly , care for the elderly living , to accompany him, as he feared , after the Sea old boy red-eyes firmly
said 0026 ldquo; who are not allowed to disturb him.
0026 rdquofitflop rokkit pretty black diamond; I can not help the tears brimming , it is a real love it , love another brief words are full of power.
The elderly are also good, he was poor, but he remembers him every good man , fishing back, the body is not recovered , the first thought is how to divide the big fish , this has helped give him every
a man , gratitude and kindness is also a great personality , had awe-inspiring .

Three A great power .
Old Man and the fish are not fighting so that we can see the fight between man and animal , not a bloody scene , to see just a sympathetic hero of pain among elderly and fish are heroes , old people to kill fish ,
but his fight is wisdom, and his respect for their opponents .
Remember the old man once said : 0026 ldquo; no one in the sea is really lonely .
0026 rdquo; the broad expanse of the sea also gave birth to the infinite loneliness , I think the only people who can truly understand him sing songs of joy on the lonely sea it.
In this book, Azeri , animals and nature are integrated , and Santiago with wisdom and perseverance to conquer the sea, but also conquered read him.

If savor, this book will give a lot of sentences with unlimited inspiration , worthy read .

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kittens born in a secret cave
book review

Reading the ” kittens born in a secret cave ,” this book, I feel deeply.

With little snow flying biting cold , who can not hold blatantly winter came, did not discuss with anyone , in this season, four children laughing cat and tiger cat born in succession , so
this exciting move also brings winter to 0026 hellip; fitflop luna bronze 0026 hellip;

Responsible cat dad laugh hard act to protect the tiger cat with her ​​mother , with child ‘s tiger cat, cat laughing under his father’s care and help eat shrimp calcium supplements for a few days , even braving the cold to the grass again
breathing bitter and astringent to eat grass, ( the winter season , the grass is withered , and only a small amount of grass still tenaciously glowing green . ) she is a baby cat to stomach , because she wants to ensure that children have a wealth of
nutrition, can not digest grass did not expect because of her eating bad stomach , while everyone ‘s help, tiger cat underwent three days of treatment , the disease is cured , but his temper is getting worse , the old mouse for more
irritable , she sent a plum petals small pillow 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; she gradually gave birth to four kittens , she exhausted the last vestiges of strength , but for the children , exhausted , she did not stop fitflop rock chic red break, lick
kitten ‘s body , and men working for kittens nurse 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; Motherhood is can disregard their own safety , and is able to withstand all the pain , but also can transcend life and death , is not an ordinary love can replace the 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;
I have many times to myself : the day after my birthday , my mother ‘s mother is difficult day , I must remember to prepare a meaningful gift for mom , but have done a lot of times talking giant, dwarf action , but also
remember when I was 10 years old birthday , my mother gave me a very mysterious letter sealed envelope, which is my truth : 0026 ldquo; mom, thank you gave birth to me , and training and education to me, your new Sim
fitflop lunetta pewter bitter !
0026 rdquo; when my mother read to tears , she told me was for my actions touched my gratitude and happiness shed tears 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; her mother prepared a special gift for me —- ” counting
footprints grow up ” fine for anthology !
A collection of me since third grade assignments for all proceedings, it makes me feel that my mother brought me countless love , but also let me reap the unspeakable moved 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

The poor little cat laugh — tiger father and mother cat fourth child , was weak and sickly mother tiger cat difficult to produce under the Lantern Festival day, the kids believe in old mice walking bridge ninety-nine
San diseases back and forth saying , Sambo initiative With a sincere heart , can not wait to go bridge , scattered small poor disease , can only go half , has been sedentary fat head is too tired to walk,
However, relying on a strong brother and sister also strong enough to stand up 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; sincere heart can move everything in the end, God has finally been touched, melted all the cold , early spring is coming, poor body miraculously slow
well, slow up 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Although the winter cold , but I harvest is one moved, it will be my guide 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

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nature of revelation book review

Really wonderful mysteries of nature , culture fitflops mbronze fitflopsen sale in “Nature’s revelation” about the Forest Service after the former German government took office to cut down the forest bushes , weeds cleared , I never thought to bring a dry forest for all the trees disasters.

Forest Service officials think the original nature of all things are interconnected , in order to maintain the ecological balance of nature.
After the litter decay can be used as fertilizer to enhance soil fertility .
Bush is a small animal habitat sites , shrubs and weeds and more natural side of small animals and birds and more, a lot of animals and insects are eating leaves, twigs for a living, and birds to insects living side .

fitflop chada red However , Forest Service officials to cut down trees to clear weeds side of the birds fly away , Pest side of the large population , they have no natural enemies so more gradually to the woods to act violently destroyed .

Mysteries of nature are endless , so I’ll have to learn to master more and more knowledgeable .