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Matilda book review

Roald Dahl ‘s work is really great !
Language humor , sense of humor and can tell us a lot .
” Matilda ” is this one of one .
This book 2014 fitflop rock chic2014 fitflop black with pink sandals with diamond pieces main speakers are: small -old Matilda put the most time reading the works of classical writers !
Unfortunately, this highly intelligent girl has met the world’s most vulgar snobbish parents and principals of the most vicious .
However, the magical girl Matilda own way to deal with it all .
In the course of principals and特朗齐布尔vicious struggle , Matilda and Miss Henny good forged a profound friendship 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

I was fascinated by the story of the plot , how have such parents do not care about their children’s world ?
I can not figure out !
As president , how can the students , like when the hammer throw to , and does not worry about whether the child would be harmed ?
Rude , brutal , authoritarian , no love !
Miss Henny only the most popular , and she is kind , gentle , quiet , and when she spoke, her face will emit an almost can feel the warmth of feeling wonderful .
I like the teacher !
And I most admire is Matilda ‘s super powers , I also tried took a cup , fiercely staring at it , how it can not push it down .
Alas !
If I had super powers the more wonderful !
I even told Matilda learned a trick : Every time she hit , she would find a way to punish them , not amazing new fitflop frou flower sandals red freak myself .
This is a place that I can learn that something happens to be strong, think of ways to overcome , rather than to cry !

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Tracking little green men
book review

Since I read the ” little green men track ” this book, emotionally.
“Track little green men ” around the 0026 ldquo; little green men 0026 rdquo; this lively and lovely fairy tale fairy tale image and generated lively and full of suspense plot .
This book is meant to protect the environment and some contain them.

Small leaves and small dawn love nature, care for the environment .
Because their families want to see amazing new fitflop frou flower sandal light red little green men and active efforts to get rid of his bad habits, old trouble .
Grandpa to see little green men , he just smoked three decades of cigarette smoking.
In the beginning , adults only believe in little green men grandfather fitflop rock chic coffee , and wrote the lyrics by small leaves , small dawn compose the 0026 ldquo; Green Park Song 0026 rdquo; to attract the attention of little green men .
On the day of the moon party, everyone showed their neck of the amazon fitflops sale uk , reflecting the deep affection between a small leaves and little green men .

The text of the little green men are nature spirits , but he is not correct represent nature?
The dwindling number of little green men do not like going to the depletion of natural resources it?

After reading this book, I was lost in thought , and I thought, how beautiful nature is , why we do not care for it too ?

When we all love nature, natural treasure , believe little green men will return to us .

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Willard Price’s Adventure series book review

I read ” Willard Price’s Adventure series ” white elephant caught in clever thing after it fitflop sale , recognizing that although some targets difficult to achieve , but still be confident .
This is my harvest today .

White elephant is very rare , but also the value of at least fifty thousand US dollars a head .
Earth men fitflops sale tallest strong瓦杜西​​family told Hal , Roger , They did not take these words to heart.
Days have passed , Hal , Roger did not even catch an elephant , but they still do not give up.
However , after they found a white elephant , etc. , has been the culprit did.
Them through the wind , after escape easily found a white elephant, and catch the culprits before the white elephant caught .

Eastern Han Dynasty, large and small, many of the territory of the separatist regime , then in order to unify China is simply too difficult!
However, such confidence in what you can to succeed.
Cao Cao started only fitflop uk have a site , and Yuan Shao , who like Dong strength disparities , but he is full of confidence .
Battle of Guandu , Cao Cao Yuan Shao’s forces would have been better than many, but he was very confident to win with fewer defeated Yuan Shao .
In the Battle of Chibi , Cao Cao , Liu Bei and Sun Quan is defeated , the loss of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses .
Had he been scared out of their wits , and that will certainly perish in the future.
But Cao Cao did not therefore be intimidated , but continue to recruit .
Wait until after the death of Zhuge Liang , Wei Shu soon put unified , it goes without saying Soochow off immediately .

Self-confidence is very important, no matter what you do, we should all be confident.

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Small note book review Immortality witch

A mediocre student , no friends, only new fitflop lunetta urban white lie to others that he is a witch to attract others, this is Jennifer , and Elizabeth is such a fitflops best price uk , she knew the way to school Jennifer
, all sorts of strange things happen between them.
For example , every morning Jennifer Elizabeth than science, but every time she was late 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; these things make Elizabeth believe Jennifer lies.
One day, Jennifer said to receive her as a disciple , Elizabeth is happy, both painful and happy to be trained , although she finally did when the witch , but still know the true meaning of friendship.

Perhaps, you would think a friend is unreliable , however, tend to spend more time with your friends is the most precious time of your distress , only friends can give you the best help , do not wait to go lost friend
relive memories, people want to know that is not the most difficult friend Yeah!

The hearts of every child will feel like a very special person , want their super powers, Jennifer is in this mood concocted the lie , but the big people think this is very funny , so she can only be used forever
this approach handed like her big friend.
The children never live in a world , this world will never fitflop women uk have endless fantasies.
I think this is our unique it !

In short, this book tells us not only some fun, but to tell us how to get a true friendship.

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Rickshaw book review 500 words

As we all know , Shoko and Huniu Lao She figures in the novel “Camel ” in .
Shoko is an honest an old rickshaw pullers in Beijing , according to his character, too point that is a 0026 ldquo; lubber 0026 rdquo ;!
Instead, Huniu it, but it is a forceful personality of 0026 ldquo; sister 0026 rdquo ;.
From the novel is easy to see kids fitflops: Huniu is like Shoko .
But Shoko it?
He Huniu how is it?

Only one answer , read through the book at a glance !

Huniu is depot boss Liu four daughters , thirty-seven eight years old , an old maid , looks pretty Hutouhunao can live scared man , so naturally no man Kenqu her!
But the old maid to follow their own seven -year-old father of the depot well-kept , had to make people think , Oh!
0026 ldquo; woman 0026 rdquo; ah !
Huniu though pungent, plus she was 0026 ldquo; appalling 0026 rdquo; looks , but also it will make people think she is a all hands man, but from the details of the novel ‘s place, can not help but let me find her careful side
, thoughtful side.
For example, Shoko pull a cart back to the depot , she scolded like a few words , but it is like calling him not so hard to pull the car , put his body in the first place ; she handed him a glass of water ,
filled with her ​​infatuation .
And Shoko this man 0026 ldquo; lubber 0026 rdquo; have not found it!

Later, she was pregnant Huniu cheat Shoko , Shoko had to marry her , but in fact Huniu in the stomach stuffed a pillow , but she pledged to help Shoko birth to a 0026 ldquo; small camel 0026 rdquo ;.
After Huniu pregnancy, the addition of a large yard cheap fitflops sale small blessing child , a small blessing the child in order to support the family did some shady things .
Shoko small blessing child once and go nearer, Huniu will be jealous, be a small blessing sub honest ah !
Seeking Huniu forgive her.
Soon, Huniu because dystocia died while Shoko himself lost the car, all of a sudden two empty vehicles , Shoko gone, a small blessing child also soon after, escaped, hanged himself .
Shoko never recovered 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Huniu for Shoko feelings are hot , while Shoko on her marriage just squeeze a little about it!

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Look pretty girl gang book review

Yang aunt is writing a book dedicated to our children ‘s writer, she wrote the book in addition to Mo’s Mischief series , and ” Look, a bunch of pretty girl 2014 fitflop luna brown”, of course , which also belongs to the small horse jumping series.
That which the hero has a small jump at the same table and horse lovers Lu Manman , ugliest girl angel , fruit and catch a beautiful girl Xia Du Mako .

Lu Manman small jump at the same table and horse lovers, Lu Manman ‘s men made ​​a small jump for the protection , Lu Manman protect small jump on the opposition troops , in short, a small horse jumping and Lu Manman confrontational .
Angel is the most admired horse fitflop trainers sale uk small jump ugly girl , even people around the world have lost a small jump horse , Angel also believe that little horse jump win.
There are beautiful and the Xia fruit , fitflop john lewis Du really crazy girl child , she has a cat laugh .

However, I am very sympathetic to the horse sometimes small jump , he was Lu Manman pipe at school, at home by Du Mako gas, oh, it should be bullied Du Mako cat.
However, an ultra- yo Ma hop fans adore him , that is Angel , Angel admired little horse jumping , Tajima small jump very hate her because she long ugly .
Ma Xia jump like fruit , because Xia fruit is the most beautiful girl in their class .

This book characters I liked.

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Harvard IQ lesson book review

0026 nbsp; Today, I saw a well-known story in the ” Harvard IQ lesson ” on.

This story is about a father and son holding ass back home , some people say they are very stupid , do not have a donkey ride , so my father let his son ride a donkey ; when someone said his son is not filial son hurried himself down, let his father go ride
; some say cruel father , his father quickly let his son also rode a donkey back ; but as soon as someone not afraid to say donkey exhausted , father and son had tied the donkey ‘s legs carried away.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; The book points out , the people of this accusation is against the identity of the accused , easy to control speech by others , such as the book it is for the son , the father this fitflop rock chic red two identities , resulting in a
lack of filial piety , cruel accusations.

In modern society, most people are accustomed to all kinds of people 0026 ldquo; should do impose themselves and others.
For example, a teacher accused of students ; as a student should learn in the first place , to finish the job , do not always think to play, but not to engage in your future career in that regard .
In fact, many prominent figures such as over 0026 lsquo; Gates did not complete their studies.
Qualifications are not representative capacity, but no educated people has often been accused of being incapable .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; even in my life , but also often white fitflops encounter this situation .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; the last exam , because I am too much attention to the quality of the answers in front , leading the essay did not finish .
But my opponents in more than me, but I was too proud to blame , even before just luck.
For this reason I was decadent .
But now I found that this was just a mockery of the trick.
Although I have had the identity of the first grade , but this does not become a reason I can not mistakes .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; and my mother always said I, as a student , but so much procrastination , writing also write well .
The teacher also accused me as a student to learn the knowledge is not always finish the job, just know that it is not enough to play .
These are because I am a student 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; for learning and health, learning is life.
So I often furious, but still does not help.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; So now I want to get good grades , will become capable people , can not be someone else’s words and deeds , accusing emotions.
Even though I was born to learn , but also for learning the wisdom born , instead of learning to become another man’s knowledge and health.