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movie ” Charlotte’s Web ” Feedback

0026 nbsp; Today, my mother and I see ” Charlotte’s Web ” movie.
This film is about a pig Wilbur and a spider Charlotte became good friends.
But the pig will soon be made ​​into bacon up .
In order to save friends, spiders weave three networks , the first online knitting 0026 ldquo; ace pig 0026 rdquo ;, second online knitting 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, third great online knitting 0026 ldquo; perfect 0026 rdquo ;.
In this way, a lot of people look at piggy , piggy famous, no longer killed.
But Charlotte exhausted a lifetime of effort , she died giving birth .
The Charlotte oocysts piggy back.
The following spring , many small spider was born, pig and watch them forever miss with his friend Charlotte fitflop usa ……

This story goodwill of people, ah !
Story, with lovely pig , love to help a friend fitflops on sale spiders , thinking that most boots fitflop handsome mice, cows, geese, starlings and so on animals.
My favorite rat Templeton , because he not only cute and greedy .
To help spiders find words of praise , he was chased two starlings in the landfill , but based on his own clever clever escape.
When I saw mice run fast , could not help but laugh !
I also like Charlotte , because she is very friendly friend , and the friend promised things she can do it.

Watched this film, I know between good friends to help each other , and, true to its word .

Salomon Snowcross

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Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale book review

Today, I watched ” Andersen’s Fairy Tales ” , this book is the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen ‘s universally acknowledged walkstar fitflops masterpiece.
” Hans Christian Andersen ” is the world literature

Dazzling jewel , the author of these works full of hardships , wisdom, enthusiasm and hope.
” Hans Christian Andersen ” can be a rich imagination , a beautiful 2014 fitflop rock chic sandals navy vision ,

Goodness of heart and noble sentiments inspirational .
There are many wonderful little story : ” tiny silver daisy ” “The Snowman ,” ” The Little Mermaid ” 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

When I read 0026 ldquo; Little Match Girl 0026 rdquo; , I think : 0026 ldquo; compared with the pathetic little girl , we now can be described as a happy life .
Mom and Dad ‘s care, there are careful to teach the teacher , there are eager to help students , worry about food and clothing .
There are such a good environment , with such a good condition , I have no reason not to listen to the old 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; teacher , father, mother , then learn it?
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp;

Touched me was the story of the Little Match Girl .
Although the poor little match girl , lonely , helpless, but she was so strong , she was so looking forward to a better life , then yearning.
A warm stove , a sumptuous dinner , a beautiful little gift can make her satisfied, feel happy , I feel life is no 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; than happy.

When I read the little girl home, in fact, very cold , only a broken roof covered her head, though the largest cracks were stopped up with straw and cloth, but the wind can come from above when filling .
I feel very sad , I really wanted to help them fitflop sneakers sale .
I know this is a story, but I know there are many like this in the community .
I think I was still small , from now learn in the future to make a useful person , to help those poor people , people who have to live a happy life.

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read ” shoemaker ‘s son ” felt

Today I read the ” shoemaker ‘s son ,” the article , it makes my heart set off a burst of uproar , I am deeply drum fitflop superboot short dance.

Lincoln loved his father, he not only did not own father was a shoemaker and ashamed , but also to his father was a shoemaker proud proud.
When Lincoln Presidential election , a senator humiliation Lincoln , said : 0026 ldquo; Do not forget that you are the son of a shoemaker 0026 rdquo ;.
mens fitflop Lincoln not only did not get angry , and said proudly : 0026 ldquo; I am very grateful to you for making me think of my father , he has passed away.
I will remember your advice , I will always be the son of shoemaker .
I know I did the president , like his father did not always do shoemaker could not do that so well.
0026 rdquo; Lincoln have a forgiving heart .
When someone humiliate him, he not only did not get angry , but also calm to face.
It makes me inspired.
After remembered life, when I faced some criticism and slander of stone , I do not like to go to Lincoln as witty face fitflop uk sales right, but can hide to hide , saw Lincoln countered that casual ease of the process , and I shall
sigh better .
And I know a man must have a forgiving heart .
Read more profound lesson I realize that we should have a forgiving heart and a feisty heart.

I believe that if we , like Lincoln , like everyone has a forgiving heart , I think, our world will become more beautiful, harmonious .

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Arabian Nights book review

You know what ?
Arabian Nights is how come .

Legend has it that in ancient times , there was a king named Hill Nuya .
King every day to marry a woman , so year after day lasted three years , a whole killed over one thousand women .
People have to escape with his daughter , but the king forced the prime minister to find a woman.
The prime minister ‘s eldest daughter notice of management , read a lot of books .
After listening to his father’s troubles, decided to marry the king.
After the palace , Sang Luzhuo do fitflops work on the first night had a story to listen to the king , let the king felt good to hear .
The next morning, Sang Luzhuo persuade the king not to kill her , the story would be better to listen to at night .
King agreed, at night , Sang Luzhuo story so that the king should feel nice than yesterday.
The next morning , Sang Luzhuo also requested the king not to kill her, the story behind will be more pleasant .
Thus , Sang Luzhuo tell a story every day to listen to the king .
King wants every day : I am not going to kill her, so she finished the story again .
Day after day, Sang Luzhuo story endless , than a brilliant , always spoke of the Arabian Nights , told Arabian Nights story , finally moved the king.
King said : 0026 ldquo; swear with the name of Allah , I decided not to kill you, your so attractive electra strata palladium something touched me .
I will record these stories , always saved.
0026 rdquo; So, with this ” Arabian Nights .”

When I finished reading this book, I felt like I was entering the king and Sang Luzhuo story, felt that these stories are like the real thing , on our side.
The story in the book of good and bad , and even one major principles.
The truth taught me how to face life, taught me character.
I think that this “new designed fitflop pietra bright classic red Arabian Nights” looks good, and there is some truth , I want to keep pushing this book to other students , to allow more students to read this book.

“Arabian Nights” , you let me know a lot of truth, thank you .

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