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hold the hearts of the sun book review

Someone said : 0026 ldquo; reading a good book, that is, and a person of high moral character dialogue .
0026 rdquo; Now think about it, these words do not leave .

Today, I sit at home , the holding ” hold the hearts of the Sun ” This is a child classmate home mom lent me , I saw a ” life to save lives ,” a text , read it, I emotions, tears
Yingkuang , if they see our 0026 lcloggs fitflopdquo; medical worker 0026 rdquo ;, he fitflop gogh pro who does not give a glimmer of hope , regardless of their own comfort, once again struggle with the disease , and death struggle , do everything in their power to restore the patient
While some medical worker fell, but another batch of soldiers rushed the fight 0026 ldquo; SARS 0026 rdquo; forefront .
fitflop supertone trainers human life only once, and our medical worker in hovering between life and death , and hesitate to choose their own lives to save the lives of others .

Life , for any organisms are very important, but our medical worker confused students wish to leave the others, the risk of death for herself , is that they allow people to understand the value of life , really respectable
, Alas ah !

In our daily life, there are many people who like the whites as they for others , for the country, played one after another life Zhuangge .

1998 floods , the number of soldiers, how many ordinary people in order to save the lives of others , without hesitation rushed 0026 ldquo; Flood 0026 rdquo ;, with blood and lives and build a 0026 ldquo; New Great Wall 0026 rdquo; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp
; 0026 nbsp;

Life is short , but it gives us the meaning of dignified .
My friends, what if you thought that life is precious and magnificent ?
Today, I read this article, I will tell you loud and clear voice : that for his sake , that make a significant contribution to society as a whole !

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time in the water like a sponge book review

Today fitflops uk stockists, I read the “mukluk fitflop boots of time in the water like a sponge ,” the article , which is written a great thinker , revolutionary, writer Lu Xun ‘s story : the success of the most important one is to cherish the time , he
said :

0026 ldquo; time , like a sponge in the water , you just squeeze , always some fitflop shoe sale.
0026 rdquo; And every time I homework particularly slow .

mother always suspected I 0026 ldquo; soldiering 0026 rdquo ;.
But I always feel that they do not have time to watch TV.
Think carefully, turned out to be his own touch East and West look , the time did not wear , play did not play well, learn also Meihuahao .
Have 0026 ldquo; eat 0026 rdquo; mom 0026 ldquo; shoots Pork 0026 rdquo ;.
I also want to change, that stuff can be too attractive , forget playing playing time .

Alas !
Cherish the time sad to say !

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pots and cans book review

In one morning, I turned over a story book , a story called pots and cans attracted me .

King’s Mikuriya there two jars : one just pottery , a just iron.
Cans despise pottery, often ridiculed it .
The pots are not angry, but tell the truth and cans .
Cans do not listen , pottery cans no longer ignore .
Time passes , many things happened in the world.
Many years passed.
People come here one day and found a bird pottery .
Pulled inside the earth , scrubbed clean, and it is as smooth in the year when Mikuriya , Park (pĒ”) element (s 0026 ugrave ;, beautiful People immediately hands , over and over again , all over the earth are dug , but even the shadow of cans of
did not see it , do not know what ‘s completely oxidized , long ago without a trace of .

Read fitflop rock chic with diamond pieces coffee read this story , I thought to myself : cans so proud ah, only to see his own advantage , and forget their own shortcomings .
Pottery was so humble , looking to see their own shortcomings , and never outside the Yang own merits , will see things in the right perspective and solve things .

I can not help but think of myself, I remember my partner and small game , but not more than finished, she said she was terrible , I was very convinced, said : 0026 ldquo; if not worse than you say yes , then I can say that I
better than you ah !
0026 rdquo; so , we had a fight .
After the thing, I thought to myself: I was wrong , I think the pottery pots and cans , steel cans are so insulting to him, there is no junior partner insult me ā€‹ā€‹, why should I be angry!
Then , I went to her and apologized to her , she said: okay , my bad , will not happen again and you fight !
0026 rdquo;

If we are as humble as pottery , that between them, will fight it?
We just have to learn Care , then the world would a brighter future .

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Thanksgiving natural book review

I remember this piece of blue sky overhead , and has given me endless reverie ; foot of this immense land , you and your partner have heartily run on it ; quietly blooming flower on the roadside
yellow flowers , so I feel the wonderful life ; puppy childhood , gave me a friendship and joy.
Because naturally , because of the presence of other life, we were able to exist , life becomes more colorful.

We should hold a grateful heart to face natural , face other life with us in one on Earth.
But we are naturally among the same time as part of nature, but often overlook the natural multi brought us those miraculous experiences and wonderful experience.
We heartily enjoying selfless gift given by nature , but often indifferent attitude towards it , even to hurt and destroy it , and now the community and people recognize this, so we, as a new generation of high school students , and more
‘m going to protect it , love it , care for it .

The one bit of text , a chapter styles but beautiful article , lead us into their field of vision , by reading, back to those magical events , see nature in their eyes , to understand
they bond with the animals.

magical dolphin Ao Lina , Zi Ye and old Wolf, a girl and seals of friendship , let’s body fitflop sale online would be entirely possible to live in harmony between animals and humans ; dinosaurs motherly heart,
mother dog , the most courageous mother , so we were deeply touched by Hudu love animals ; camel tears fitflop flare grey classic enough cool style, U.S. 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, black hole storm on the plateau , let us humans
destruction of the natural act ashamed , regret and regret 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

most impressed me was intoxicating natural beauty, people can not help but love the cute animals , because humans and animals have lost their homes and the destruction of places of course, is to protect nature and animals and positive
people running .
But one thing is common to them : They gave us all kinds of benefits , from which you can be happy, can be beautiful.
We’re going to know them, the animals exhibited emotion and we have many similarities , and some even more strongly than our emotions , more beautiful.
Compared with them , we are showing some of the weaknesses of human nature , more worthy of our thinking and reflection.

With a grateful heart to treat it naturally !
Thankful to treat the sky , the earth , the sun , a little tree , a nameless flower , With a sincere heart to thank life can have them there .