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kid actor diary book review

Today I finish my homework , read ” kid actor Diary” in the middle section.
The text of their naughty funny little hero , so I looked again at the same time can not help but think of the fun was his campus life, and students learning together nervously , happy to play , so I felt this big collective class unity and harmony.

Text 0026 ldquo; terrific 0026 rdquo; contest , 0026 ldquo; consoles storm 0026 rdquo; etc. , are not of reminds me of some of the things inside our class .
Go to school the first thing every morning to clean the lump sum district , the students sweep very serious, careful , and occasionally , we will be a few boys with a broom as a weapon , another way to play together , sometimes the teacher saw it, had buried
continue cleaning until a clean sweep before returning to the classroom reading.
Now think of it with little friends playing together , when really carefree.

After all the work done every day , it is always surreptitiously went on to play for a computer game , but still give my father found out, my father will not let me play games online , for fear I delayed the study, the results came down, but I fitflops
electra still take advantage of the father was not at home when secretly play with , captivating electra strata black , I think the game also allows me to use their brains to develop intelligence.
Students, you are not fitflop crush was told I have the same experience?

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small blossoming sophomore book review

Summer vacation , my mother gave me booked online , ” sophomore small blossoming ” This fitflop sale online uk book.

The book ‘s protagonist is a naive little blossoming , naughty , love absurd sophomore girls .

A language lesson , the teacher asked her , 0026 ldquo; vision is what you grow up ?
0026 rdquo; small blossoming answer : 0026 ldquo; ideal is that when I grew up my mother , because my mother is the boss in our house .
0026 rdquo; small blossoming ideas can really naive ah !

Another time , a small blossoming in the middle of the table drew a line, her classmate Jiang Mingming foot over the line, a small blossoming brutally stepped on his foot , pain Jiang Mingming whining.
Visible small blossoming really naughty ah !

The book also describes the many small blossoming story, it can be really fun !
I really like this book.
I would also like to open a small blossoming sophomore happy to spend every day.

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Please bury me in the light of some book review

0026 ldquo; please bury me in the light of some 0026 rdquo; just read that sentence , I can not help but feel kind of funny , before dying wish others buried deeper to prevent death disturbed.
The to good , actually want to be buried in shallow some , I smiled and shook his head slightly to continue to look down.
Can not know when I smile has disappeared, my heart glow strongly bitter , heavy with sadness.

This paper is about a Jewish girl and her mother were held in Nazi concentration camps , Nazi soldiers were killed the mother , but she was naive to believe someone told her mother went to his father’s statement.
Finally, when she would have been buried alive , she tells her to kill Nazi soldiers uttered the words so that everyone shook lifetime : 0026 ldquo; uncle , would you please bury me in the light of some okay ?
Or when my mother came to me , they can not find .
0026 rdquo;

This is the sweet and innocent girl cloggs fitflops left the world ‘s last words.
No fear of death , there is no hatred of the enemy , and some just believe parents had not been returned to change hearts.
But the invaders did what ?
They not only killed her parents, and now she is not even sparing .
What destroyed her happy life is ?
Is war.
I’ve never thought the war was something bad .
Because this is the law of the jungle in this world , survival of the fittest .
But I never thought about the next war-torn people’s lives , that war only thing between the army and the army , now I understand, the original war was built on the suffering of the people behind the people’s victory is littered with corpses
, rivers of blood .
I can not help think of this revealing self-deprecating smile : 0026 ldquo; did not expect it?
But did not think , did not want to think about it ?
This is our man ‘s warlike nature .
Central Plains , dominate the world think it is all very excited, but also how it would be to think about life and death of the people ?
But now think about the war really important? Order to win the war really be so wanton destruction of all , the people at the top of the pain of it?
new fitflop arena slide tan I do not know .
After the victory of the war , but also how what?
Just to enjoy the joy of that victory , the thrill of success , and the lives of others juggling into it?
I do not know .
Despite got the victory , to get his country’s territory , but the damage , but is more than get lost several times .
Victory in the war will bring invaders what I do not know fitflop rock chic with diamond pieces red, do not want to know , I know just the fear which both eyes in the war , which sounded weak weak protest , that
dolphin cheerful painful , angry tears.
This has been adequate.

I can not afford to dream of war will never end , world peace figure is still far away from us , but I just hope that the people do not pull in, not to destroy people’s lives better .
Water can carry a boat, can also capsize .

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Bambi book review

” Bambi ” in Bambi was a deer , it would be to walk down a descent , the time passed quickly , Bambi grew up , but also learned a lot of skills, Bambi also recognized the law
Lina , wave 0026 nbsp; Ge and Old Deer , however fitflops slippers humans began hunting them, and Bambi ‘s mother and Pogo did not escape this kill, Bambi and friends Fa Lina had to spend sad
, spring comes , Bambi discovered the human family escaped from Pogo , Pogo and died shortly bullets in human years, Bambi legs were also hit by bullets , and the old King Deer saved spot
ratio , with the help of the old King Deer next , it escaped the crises became King Deer .

I really like this book , it never get tired , the book Bambi let me know , do not be afraid of danger , learning can escape danger.
Do not be afraid of difficulties , it is difficult to strong nemesis .

But humans are catching animals to sell, their killing will be punished , we should not destroy their lives, we want to protect move fitflop rebel black , animal is very valuable , so we and animals live together.

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Lion book review

Love , what a familiar word in every human heart has a pure love , love is great, selfless .
But when I saw the ” Lion King ” this book, truly understand the meaning of love .

Love this book is very broad , very great .
” Lion ” This book is about the love life of a little girl in Africa, whites , and between a lion .
People look at the time, as if all the love all around me, so that we not only feel the love , but let us be moved because of love , between the little girl and the lion ‘s love touched.

Love , like air , it is around us all the time , but had a lot of people do not feel it , but we can not live without love , because it has been integrated into our souls , love is great, because it
not just for the individual to say , but also for the entire nation, the dignity of the entire country.
Love is like a never-ending journey, you walked while watching the scenery , will be more relaxed, because every day there is something new to discover , to become full up , so you ‘ll want to continue to go on , as
will become very warm , whether it will last a long time.
I found love also includes the pursuit of life , and longing .

Love is everywhere , we are born in the embrace of love , at home with my father, mother , grandfather, grandmother ‘s love , fitflop sandals uk in school, there are teachers , students love , love, is no
ubiquitous , we can not leave it, it just like the air , everywhere need it.
If you do not love , and that the world would mean no color , no soul , no touching , love can make a survivor , love can make prodigal son , love can conquer all !
Love can give people the infinite power !

Love , so difficult to give up the girl with the lion , love , let us grow up healthy , love , let us know to others to walkstar fitflop warmth, love , let the world become more brilliant .
If you have more than a love dedication , the more gain a pleasure.
Let us work together in the future fitflop chada red shower bath in the sea of ​​love it!

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Niels remember riding geese travel book review

Today I read ” Nils riding geese travel in mind,” this book touched me more than tears , emotion among the nose is sour.

something like this story : the Niels used to be a naughty child, love bully animals, let them not be at peace .
Then one day, because he too greedy , angered the goblins, fairies to punish Daniels and his little hamster , they cast them together smaller , then there is a surprising discovery Daniels : He can hear
understand animal language.
Then a group of geese flying , Niels home has a typical goose named Moore , also followed even fly up , so Nils rope around his neck would seize it , ride a goose ‘s back, a take-off
the starting rokkit cosmic purple to , so he started his journey.
Acre captain named captain geese , on the road captain of special concern Acre them , Niels they also spent a lot of geese in good times , in geese Rini Wales experienced the animals
they feel like completely changed man , he began to gradually began to care for the animals , and he helped a lot of busy geese , once he geese away to a much larger than his struggle to do the fox ,
Another time he helped two children , found a long-lost father , and once he won a squirrel a successful rescue , there is a 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; short Niels Niels has not before , and he has
completely changed, and he had a loving, compassionate, but can not help but also homesick , but then one day the captain told Daniels , you can restore the prototype , but it typically must pay Moore ‘s life, Daniels is not
agree, he said, would rather not go home , we can not sacrifice Mohr code, but this time Mohr Code also ignorant , then they go to the lake , not far from the home where Niels rest, Niels choice is
: rather not restored to their original , nor sacrifice Mohr Code life, so let Aka captain Niels preparation and carrying his own family farewell , leaving the former captain at the beach waiting for it to Daniels , but Moore has to Code
with his wife and children back to his hometown to live , then Daniels is also , in my father made ​​ready to kill the goose Mohr Code when Niels immediately came to the door desperately knocking on the mother
open the moment, Niels suddenly changed back into shape , and he asked my father not to kill Mohr Code , Dad agreed, and later Daniels in bed slept well , almost dawn when he suddenly remembered the captain
then, so he hastily dressed and went to the beach , really saw the captain , but he has returned to the prototype, they are the language barrier , and can no longer be exchanged only hugged , Ling Ming arrived, the captain had from
Niels arms struggle out called a few times , then reluctantly have to fly away , I shed tears .

Through this story , I understand a truth : between people , just honest , when people encounter difficulties , we must go all out to help him , when they have a difficult time , others will
truly want to help you, this establishment in Zhenxinxiangdai friendship is the most precious , the most Nanfennanshe .