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The flight of time, &hellip … I Time flies like a shuttle.; by a naive and meddlesome “ naughty ” gradually become an excellent in character and learning of students. Walking in the road of life is a road, you are — — my parents taught me how to face the difficulties and success; how to make a person; and how to understand some of the true meaning of life in the … … in the thorns of life on the road, you “ Fu ” hard journey I walked this one after another; when I fail, you said to me “ failure is the mother of success ” let me in the failure to stand up, let me back into the light in the face of adversity; when I was successful, you say &ldquo to me with an open mind; make people progress, proud people behind ” let me not be a success become dizzy with success. In my study, I grew up to … … Three6Five days, day and night you were struggling at all costs for my success with a new carpet for my future devoted more effort to … … fifteen years, my mother every day for you I worked hard. Remember, once you brought oneNobby Women Electra BrownBasket strawberry, immediately, I thisFitflop Luna BlackSmall tooth worm has to drool with envy, you see my thoughts, said to me: “ you eat it! ” and I pretended to be gentle and said, “&ldquo, mom, why don’t you eat?”! ” and you say, ““ Mommy doesn’t like to eat.”. &rdquo. In fact, I know better than anyone else. You like fruit best. I can’t help taking &hel because of naughty personalityAllwaysairco.nlLip; … Tu, when yongquan. On the road of life, I must live up to your hope, Study hard, make a useful person to the motherland, in the &hellip &hellip talent shows itself in numerous living beings;; this link: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three86716Four71FiveFour6.htm page 1 more wonderfulTwoThreeFourFivenext pageKindness

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My mom and Dad
My mother is forty years old this year, from a small rural birth. Mother has no city like white face, no rich people like noble temperament, and no rich people have free time to go shopping. All she has is brilliantFitFlop PAS CherSmiles, industrious hands, and menopausal chatter. And my father is the breadwinner of the family, has a remarkable Kitchen Craft, but Dad did not learn humility and with her in the house, did not adapt to the mother’s nagging. At home, I often hear mom and dad make a noise. For some time, my mother because of the job and on my daddy always feel very boring, so she said a sentence, then got into a fight. Sometimes my mom came home late at night because she was out of the house, and she didn’t call home and she got angry with her father. The second day, two couples ignore anyone who did not talk, one family in a dinner table, very quiet, we are not working or learning problems, each meal in the house, sometimes mom and dad finish after eating out. Such days always feel difficult, and sometimes even hate this family. Sister because of reading outside, do not often come back,Classic, Fitflop, Grey, Rokkit, Dignified, Two01Two, StyleSo a sister back, I will tell her parents quarrel, but elder sister told me to ignore them, don’t put this matter to rest assured, also said that this year is mother Ji menopause, will be very annoying verbose. And now, sometimes, when I come home from school and see my mother’s expression and behavior, I know that today they are out of sorts, and today they have to sit down and eat together, and have a hard time going through lifeFitFlop floretta sandalsOne of the most boring days in the world. However, parents quarrel second days will be reconciled, and long will be two or three days to speak. I’m used to this kind of life. Sometimes I wonder who’s done it wrong If mom doesn’t keep on nagging and daddy can be modest, the family will be peaceful. If one day my mother stopped nagging, what would the life of this family be like? Will it be more boring? Will there be no atmosphere? Will I start thinking about it again? When I think about it, I learn to adapt to life at that time again. My parents have taught me how to adapt to the complicated living environment,. How do you get along with your family and spend time in a noisy boring life?. Source: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three8689Two66Three0Three7.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageMy mom and Dad

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Faith is in my heart

A cloud, the sky is not integrity leisurely elegant; a boat, the sea is not lonely, but wandering; a diamond, it is bright carbon painful price, but also the pride of carbon.FitFlop shoes and bootsShang Yang reform in Qin Dynasty, once in the tower erected in front of a tree stick, poster reads: to stick to another tower carrying the former bounty fifty. Everyone sees that all big eyes, but no one moved to There were many discussions. And, to say it is not heavy stick is not long, but also thick cross section,Floretta FitFlopAn old farmer can lift it with one hand. At this time Shang Yang is urgent, the Annunciation on “ fifty ” replaced by “ five hundred, ” people talk big, they do not move, but not in court, blame the worldFitFlop skoToo dark. I came to “ ” a young and strong young man stepped out of the crowd, don’t ask what happened, said nothing, picked up a stick, on his shoulders, strode straight to another tower before the end, the boy got to work to get five hundred and twenty reward. Zeng Zi is honest. One day engzi’s wife took to the streets, as a child and mother to have his wife coaxed the child to say; “ I go back to you to eat pig. ” she went home, see Zeng Zi to the pig, grinding sound “ &rdquo file; rang, had his wife hurried to persuade “ I just coax children, said Zeng ” “ how can you lie? &rdquo: and he killed the pig. The XX has a word in the eight honors and Eight Disgraces: in warned people to be honest and trustworthy, with treachery. The gentleman says: “ The word once spoken can never be withdrawn, ”. Confucius, a great educator, said, “men cannot stand without faith.”. Credit is an intangible asset. Yes, honesty is gold, it is worth of gold, not buy is back. As Bert said, “&ldquo, the man who loses credit is already dead in the world.”. &rdquo: friend, be a loyal and honest man; be a man who is honest and honest and who keeps his word. Believe in your integrity, wish you success; … … integrity in my heart. Article source: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuowen\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three81TwoFourFive0Four007Two.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageFaith is in my heart

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The law is in my mind
What is the law? One’s life is downFitflops, Lunetia, Sandals, Sale, BronzeBegin to be protected by law and enjoy the rights granted by law. The law is like a ship sailing in the sea. On board, any action is free. But beyond the bottom line of the ship, it will fall into the water; — — subject to legal sanctions. He is the kind of law, fairness and justice, to restore the reputation of the victims, we receive care and love; the law is strict, more than the scope of his business is not allowed, who condemned the socialist ethical behavior, he will be severely punished without mercy. Law is everywhere, but do not make it a burden to life, but use it as a standard of life to regulate and restrain your behavior. Lu family was poor, but he was a good boy. After he was in junior high school, he became infatuated with online games. When he was not rich, he had repeatedly stolen the money his mother had saved to study for him. My mother repeated his education, but he incorrigible. Mother’s heart was cold and she lost confidence in her son. All the money in the family was spent by him and went to the internet. Relatives and friends would not lend him money. So he began to rob. In the public report, the public security organs quickly arrested him. He was still playing games in the Internet bar. He was awakened by the cold handcuffs that handcuffed him. He was sentenced to 1Five years’ imprisonment because he was under 18 years of age. Will his bright future and beautiful youth is buried in the prison. “ a small evil does not necessarily develop ” and criminals in society are from &lFitFlop udsalgDquo; little evil ” began to step by step toward crime. It’s like a little white ants bite a hole in the hull is very humble, but if things go on like this ship would have sunk. Our youth prevention of crime should begin with the prevention of bad behavior. The cultivation of legal consciousness from childhood, form a good habit of learning, knowing, law-abiding, usage, law enforcement. Ruling the country by law. The law encourages us to do it actively. The law requires us to do it, and the law forbids us to do it. How we wish families, societies and schools to create a good legal environment for us! Source: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/chuzhongzuoweFitFlop Mukluk tallN\/czenj\/1Four1Two10FiveFive9Three8ThreeTwoTwoThree9FiveFive8Five.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageThe law is in my mind

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The first plane

First rideElegant Luna whiteDuring the summer vacation, my aunt took me to visit Beijing. At noon that day, my aunt told me this exciting good news: the second day she took me to the plane. I was so happy that I jumped three feet high. At night, how can I not sleep, thinking about what kind of plane, like a car? Must be faster than a car; like geese flying? Must fly higher than the … … second days in the morning, my aunt woke up from a dream, I quickly dressed, wash, and even rice also can not eat, and aunt rushed to the airport in Shantou. The weather is really good. The blue sky with a few white clouds, as if waving to us, the rising sun is smiling at me, a few birds on the tree seems to smile for us, singing a song for us to sing the song. At half past nine in the morning, we boarded a shining silverFitFlop ItaliaBig plane. Just sit, fasten the seat belt, the plane on the “ rumbling ” to ring up. I looked out of the window, I saw the wings of the aircraft on the “ big fan ” fast rotation, the aircraft is a little jitter, I was too excited to say a word. Starting from the plane, the tarmac slowly, to the spacious road. I think this is almost the same as the car, a sigh of relief. Not long after “ rumbling ” the sound is louder, the jitter is even worse. I went to theRokkit Supernavy外一看,吃了一惊:窗外的树木和房屋,飞快的向后倒去,而且越来越快,慢慢的就看不见地面上的景物。我们飞上了蓝天。天更亮了,朵朵白云擦身而过,我正想伸手采一朵。朝下一看,呀,一切都变了样:汕头像是积木搭成的,公路像一条带子,连韩江也像条明亮的彩带,飘舞在大地上。祖国大地上。祖国大地变成一幅壮丽动人的图画……两个小时后,飞机安全的着陆了,我眼中的一切景物又恢复了原形。我恋恋不舍地望着天空,寻找刚才走过的那条“路”和“路”过的几朵白云。 First ride机

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Faith is the north star in the sky
The devil training camp in the evening will be a group of people in different places in the forest, announced on its own: who can arrive at the camp in the shortest time, who is brave. A 18 year old girl in less than an hour to reach the camp. When someone asked her what she was saying, it was the bright north star that guided the way. Yes, the stars in the sky light up the eyes of passers-by. In fact, the heart of the sky is always shining a Polaris, it guides you, let you all the way to your goal. Have a master said to his disciples in the blind before dying: “ put a fuming prescription in your groove in my chin, when you play off 1000th strings, you can remove the prescription. The condition is, each play off the string must be the best. &rdqNew Fitflop Fleur Mineral RedUo; apprentice dedicated played 50 years, finally broke the 1000 strings. The “ a blank sheet of ” it is the star in the sky of the pupil’s heart, and he has been working hard for the prescription. For 50 years, he fuming belief persisted for 50 years, although he ultimately failed to see again, but he had the heart of the sky, the sun is shining, his eyes seem bright. Yes, everyone’s soul should have the north star in the sky. Beethoven, a disabled hearing lossFitflop scarpe outletPeople, but with the music to illuminate the soul of the sky, the “ the joy of suffering in exchange for ” is the North star. The immortal masterpiece of Mi Guy Ron Gero’s painstaking efforts, the description of the thousands of tiny creatures and great novels of Tolstoy, they are the hearts of the stars in the sky. It is the shining star of the north, they are clinging to their own hard journey, so that the heart of the sky into the light from the darkness. I look for the north star in the sky of my soul, the North Star should be faith, is the light to illuminate my way. Because Tagore saidJohn Lewis FitFlop shoesFaith is a bird, which sings its song, when it is still dark! May the hearts of the stars in the sky will always shine, forever illuminate the atrium. Faith is the north star in the sky

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Small adventuresFitflop Rokkit Silver Nova

FitFlop MuklukSmall beautiful and harmonious adventures in the forest, there lived a small. Small lively and naughty, make home full of laughter. One day, the chicks went to the forest primary school class today, the teacher is talking about the “elephant” love adventure Gulliver’s travels, the chicks fascinated, after class, had a teacher asked that question. On the way home, a small adventure plan in mind from the brewing … … second days early in the morning, mom called to get up the small, has not found chicks at home, he left a note: Dad, mom, you don’t worry. Such as small back, is not a delicate baby. Besides the chicks, while flying, while casually hum a few popular songs, free and happy appearance is unspeakable. The sun rises gradually, the sun is so kind and small bright, full of vitality, have a faith to support him: I am not a petite yan! Came to the pond, he found that the water is weak, but still fear the enemy, regardless of personal danger toward hinder their rock rushed, Shashi, splash looks sad and pathetic, water can still go its own way, without considering the consequences. He thought of himselfFitFlop HerrenA long flight, I always leave the geese, first Hanlei, one thousand of the ten thousand did not want to. Xiaoyan stared thoughtfully at the distance. Into the garden, swarms of bees are busy buzzing. The chicks think the elephant teacher said: the most industrious bees, and never care about people, have a strong team spirit. They clear division of duties. “ mining flowers into honey, for whom hard for whom sweet? ” it’s not too much! Although the small clever, but also love lazy. With the students often play on the small frame, after all, boys! But today, seem to understand a lot of chicks. Finally, the chicks flew to the seaside. The sea is rushing, roaring, the blue sea water from time to time white spray. Facing the sea breeze slowly, he felt the sea is so beautiful, generous. In particular, the goal that is always running, ideal, exciting. The future is not a dream, and Xiaoyan has figured out the essence of one, he know what to do. Let the brave, hardworking with never devoid of ideals, life will naturally splendid. Small adventures

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Hakka Spring Festival

In the Hakka Spring Festival will feel unusually lively, every family decorated the streets, Everything looks fresh and gay. everywhere is full of festive atmosphere. About 5:00 in the new year’s Eve every household will smell delicious taste, it is a prelude to the family reunion dinner to eat on the thirty. 5:30 a formal dinner, we eat at the tableFitFlops UK onlineTry to sit tight some, so warm. Thirty meal is the most striking, the baked salt acerba chicken, golden color, fragrant, crisp meat bone; the steamed duck, duck chewing effort, thought-provoking; and the sweet and sour fish, sprinkle some beans, in a layer of orange orange sauce on the golden color; Hakka stuffed peppers. Are Pickled Green Pepper, eggplant and tofu, bluish white three colors, very delicious, is everything, everyFitflop.comDishes are very appetizing. To the second morningFitFlop HerrenThe day just before dawn, in the village there was a shrill sound of firecrackers — — “ … &hellip, crackling crackling; ”, we heard from wearing red clothes and new shoes, the three step of two steps run over to watch, the scene is very lively! Then, they go home to eat breakfast early ritual, and then the whole family together to clean up. The second day of the new year, go out to visit relatives and friends, received a “ &rdquo, an auspicious red. Third, we called “ &rdquo, qionggui; if someone come home that day, the guest is called “ &rdquo qionggui, master a year Kyrgyzstan. At the beginning of four, you can go sightseeing. At the beginning of five, at the beginning of the year six we do not go out, the street is also a lot of deserted. The fifteen — — Lantern Festival, another climax comes, every household to enjoy lanterns, everyone in the street crowds, standing height looking down, as the ants are put on the red, in the street lantern riddles. In addition, we would also like to cook Glutinous Rice Balls, called Glutinous Rice Balls Glutinous Rice Balls, eating will have every kind of reunion, Glutinous Rice Balls, sesame bean paste stuffing, peanuts and mung bean magnetic stuffing, stuffing, Ling Lang everywhere, can let you eat. Hakka in the Spring Festival, you can feel a particularly lively atmosphere, the Hakka people are warm and hospitable, please Hakka Hakka passengers, especially in the spring festival. Hakka Spring Festival

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The warmth of love

What do I need? Bed can not make me relaxed, I seem to find a kind of what to rely on. I think of love, because it is warm.Pietra FitFlopMy mother gave me all my love. I said that only the cup, there is always changing color: sometimes tender milk, sometimes yellow red Orange Juice, also is sometimes used to suck the tubular — — a deep purple sweetend roll … … I do not know why, I was reminded of the words of Golgi love their children, the hen will, it is important to educate them, this is the so-called love. That was the first day I went to a. The playground is really small. The classroom is really broken. The teacher is very good, she taught Chinese, surnamed Guan, a typical southern look, every move is a bit smart. Her face always with smile, eyes a little smile. She spoke of her mouth is very good-looking, “ see message ” very exciting, is simply a beautiful prose. Her fascination with the students is endless. Even if the criticism is not to hand in homework on time or to try to take a shortcut in the accumulation of the exam was accidentally discovered by her classmates, she is also very tactful words, to keep the self-esteem of each student. During the lecture she will often blurt out a lot of famous ancient poetry. Teacher Wang’s wordsDamen FitFlopWords are good to hear. “ I can’t attract every student like a magnet, and the magnet can attract iron ”. The teacher once said. But Wang is not a gardener, but. She takes care of every flower in the nursery. Even to the grass, she has a loving heart. Don’t you from her smiling face, smiling eyes see what? How to2014 Black Fitflop Platinum with FlowerI met her in the garden, she always asked a few questions about my homework, my recent … … let me feel the warmth of love again and again. Parents and teachers love can not accompany me for a lifetime, lovely is warm, but also mutual, only to learn to love others, can really feel the warmth of love. I really like my mother. I really like my teacher. The warmth of love

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The scenery in my eyes
It is the last flower hidden spring flowers fall spring to a sweet smile, leaving only residual red everywhere. The garden of overlapping layers of withered petals. Amidst the confusion, the flowers dancing in a spring body has stopped, tired smile stranded in the petals of the mouth. Strands of rain gently over the flowers, leaves light hickey. Every piece of petals are frequented by a tranquil soul, contains silently treasured touched and sad. Every drop of rain across the petals are like flowers, to cherish spring and cemented tears Yingying flashing. “ the first floor canmeng five minutes, time spent the end of March rain. ” in the face of spring flowers fall, rain, the ancients sigh only worry about. I do not know the flower is not the end of the decline, but fromFitflop Boot Short Leather BrownPoint, after a brief dark, brilliant will continue. For the moment the Wu empty garden, we always used to disappointment and sigh next season. As we go through a period of gloomy days, always because of the failure of too much fear, they had given up on the persistent pursuit of the dream. Therefore, we are accustomed to the beautiful scenery freeze in yesterday, fixed in the infinite memories, but the endless sorrow in the heart, the feelings of melancholy linger stay today. But success is always in the hands of people who are positive and optimistic. Today is tomorrow’s history, plan tomorrow, tomorrow will be better than today! Spring residue, flower fall — — not the end, not the endHerren FitFlop, but the beginning, is the starting point, is a prelude to … … every day, the first quarter of every period of history we passed, contains its own beauty. So why are obsessed with the passing of the past, urgent hopeSale online FitFlopsDistant future? Did not find the spring flowers fall, amidst the slim; Pinglan view, in the sunshine after the rain? Don’t let the sadness and tears today, with the sun like smile, fan with the wings of hope toward the sky dream regardless of the weather, with the firm, the dedication. When is spring flowers fall. Casual summer we have been walking leisurely. I believe that we will be the most beautiful scenery in the city, full of sunshine, full of confidence and boundless energy. The scenery in my eyes

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